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having a new years party need music and fun games?

im throwing a new years party today and need some loud music and fun games to keep my friends and family awake. need help please. thank you and have a happy new year.


i need to make cds and would like some songs that are good to put on them

Update 2:

and all friends are 15-18

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    girl I know what you saying I got a few good ones P diddy and keyshia the song is( last night). the ying yang twins( bedroom boom).Akon (smack that ***) and(I wanna **** you).Eminem and dre( Encore) young jock (I know you see it) and(I'm going down).

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    Apples to Apples, The Difference Between Women and Men, Snorta, Pass the Pigs, and Beer Money are all GREAT games for New Years or anytime!

    go here for more ideas:

    Source(s): Gnome Games
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    eat jello shots and play twister, and play rick james that'll wake'em up

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    a little later for that

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