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Can opener recommendations?

Has anyone found the perfect can opener? I prefer manual to electric, but it is SO irritating when they always skip over two or three little bits of can lid...

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    I've been using a manual for a long time

    I used to hate fumbling with the electric.

    Even the manual wear a bit after a while (teeth get rounded/ cutter loses sharp edge).

    Good quality (somewhat heavyweight) with large turning handle should only cost $8 -- $15 dollars and last years.

    Efficient, inexpensive, portable, and stores out of sight. I do manual.

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    i use to always have the same problem and i would say i will get one tommorrow...what it is the teeth wear out from usage it is wise to invest in a good manual can opener not the 99 cent ones and have one on hand for back up and keep them oiled and the teeth and blade wont wear out as fast......

  • Lucie
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    1 decade ago

    I really like the one Pampered Chef makes, it will wear out after 4-5 years of hard use, but it works nicely, and leaves a smooth (non-cutting) edge. It costs about $15.00, so it's kind of expensive, but I think it's worth it!

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