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Miss Jessies Salon?

I have been a long time (8years) wet and wavy extension wearer. I'm ready for a change! Something natural. i want to be able to braid it in the future as well. I have 100% natural hair excpet for coloring once and a while. How good is Miss Jessie's? What are the prices like?


Im looking for people who have been to the salon. I'm wondering if its worht the trip to NYC.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Their prices, I believe, are in the high $100's on up to $300+. Very expensive. And I believe they charge you $75 to set up the appt(and then you pay the remainder after the services are complete). No walk-ins. This is to recoup from cancellations. They're good, but from what I've heard, they use alot of their(expensive)product to get your hair to look a certain way. I'd love to try them out, but my budget will not permit it. Just don't think I could spend $50 dollars on a 16 oz. bottle of cream, or $200 for a cut. Maybe if it were half the price I would. ;-)

    I've heard that Textures, Christo 5th Ave., Devachan, and Salon Bohemia are also great salons for textured curlies. Devachan and Christo's are alittle pricey, but I don't think they're as pricey as Miss Jessie's. Not sure though.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i just bought the curly pudding and the curly buttercream. there was a buy 1 get one half off on the website. the pudding i believe costs $38 and the buttercream is 50something dollars. the buttercream is an ok moisturizer. i haven't tried the pudding yet. i want to try the fingerstyling method that's on the website. i have natural hair but my last relaxer was july of 2005 so i think that the ends may still be relaxed. i also use stuff from the souffle and that shampoo and conditioner from that site works great.

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