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Do I need a license for a paintball gun?

I just got a painball gun for Christmas and I was wondering if I need a license or if there are any other legal things I need to know. I have a pretty large property with a lot of woods in the back so that's not a problem. Oh yeah, I live in Pennsylvania.

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    You don't need a license for a paintball marker but you'd want to be very careful where you walk around with it at. Cops seem to be very anal about your marker being in public because of all the idiot-minded people that decide to shoot up defenseless people.

    As far as legal things go, you might want to talk around about what you might need to play in your backyard because some counties are pretty strict on noise violations and firing weapons.

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    nope, you dont. and you don't need to be over 16 to use one, if you are only using it on your own private property.

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    You have to be over 18 to buy one, so don't get caught if you're under that, but for the laws, there are none.

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    you do not need a licence as long as the police does not find you using it for bad reasons

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    nope. just gotta be over 16 to legally use one.

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    No.. they are a toy.

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