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Anonymous asked in Beauty & StyleMakeup · 1 decade ago

What make up would look best on my pasty skin tone?

I am a natural born red head, and have very pasty pale-ish freckley skin tones. I need to change my make up style. What shades etc. would you reccomend look best on my skin?

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    1 decade ago
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    I suggest tans and greens. Green goes really good with red hair. You can go to and do a virtual makeover. They have models that you can choose that look most like you and you can try different colors on them. Good luck..:)

  • 1 decade ago

    I am red head too-- and as I get older I get darker auburn

    some colors that I have been complimented on for years have always been of the peachy pink coral variety--I try to go with the all-in-ones (eyes, lips cheeks). Then to highlight the eyes some soft browns

    physicians formula makes a great mineral veil that hides and highlights a lot!! it looks funky-with green, yellow, bronze colors in the compact--but it works awesome!!

    Do not every use black mascara-us redheads racoon easily- find a soft auburn (max factor makes a great one)

    Use a light brown 'mink' liquid eyeliner if you use one -- the finer the line the better

    I also like finding a soft blonde color powder to groom my eyebrows - not a pencil-(revlon)

  • 1 decade ago

    Colors that are opposite of your sking color because the bring out your tone and not blend with it. Pinks are okay for pale skin if you ask me. Try dark colors or if you want use pinks or peaches try hot pink and really dark peaches. *Blacks, browns, peachs, blues and anything in the "cool" color scheme would look great. The reason you would want to wear dark colors ( or colors that aren't to bright) is because you want to be seen and noticed and a pale colored shirt isnt getting you anywhere because it makes you blend. Oranges might not looks so good either because your hair is that color. Hint: Dont were clothes that match any of your outer body features ( skings, hair,ect.)Like Laura said, match up with the season and try glitters because theyu make your eyes POP.

    Look here:

    You can print a few of those out ( search around and browse until you find whats rigth for you) and decide for yourself which color will work.

    When i say black I mean like, eyeline ( because it comes in white and brown now)

  • 1 decade ago

    you need to go to a store and look at the makeup yourself, take a friend with you. Sometimes actually some department stores are a big help as they have people who know about makeup and can give you an idea what looks good on you and they will give you the time to experiment with different shades and that way you do not waste your money.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Green works really well with redheads. I'm a natural redhead but before I dyed my hair black, I used a light pink blush which looked great on pale skin, sort of doll-like.

  • 1 decade ago

    I always look to celebs... Nicole Kidman for you obviously. I'm pasty, too- brunette not redhead though. And I think the same trick will work for you... a pale/peach all-over eyelid color and a shiny brick red lip gloss - clinique makes this one my friends and I have been wearing forever... it's called Black Honey. And it makes your lips look bee-stung or whatever they call it.

    I hope you love your pastey-ness and red hair because I'd kill for that combo :)..... wear sunscreen :)

  • 1 decade ago

    Thanks for awnsering my moosse question very nice of you!. Anyways try icy makeup in the winter some white kind of glitteru ICY makeup to highlight put in corners of inner eyes it will make them pop!

    Source(s): Seventeen Magizene CHECK IT OUT!
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