The names are a bit different but I need your opinions?

They're both old traditional irish names. I know they're strange but my family has roots in Ireland, and it's important that I choose a traditional name, so if you don't like either (which is extremely possible) please give me an old irish name with pronunciation.

The first is ISEULT (ee-solt)

The second in GRÁINNE (grawn-yah)

Both are girls' names

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    I like Iseult for two reasons: Tristan and Isolde, a beautiful love story and, if you go with Grainne, in most English-speaking countries she will be called "Granny" most of her life. Which is not bad, but can be difficult for young children. Congratulations on the new bairn...

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    I like both of them. Iseult I have seen before as in "Tristan and Isolde", the old love story. There might be some confusion with mispronunciation in school, but that isn't likely to traumatize anyone. I have a name that no one knew how to pronounce and it taught me to speak up in school. Its a more common name now, and I hated it when other people had the same name. Also, they are not made up names, because I hate it when parents do that to their kids. It just seems ignorant to me.

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    Eibhilín - (eh-y-LEEN) "light"; Eveleen, Eileen, Aileen, Ellen

    Lasairíona - (las-a-REE-nuh) from lasaire "flame" + fion "wine"; Lassarina, Lasairfhiona

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