please help HAIR MOOSE???

Okay so I just bought some hair moose and I didn't shower I just got my hair wet so i could try it out and it feels greasy the next time I use it i WILL shampoo and then use it do you think it will be greasy then? and can you blow dry yor hair when you put moose in? when is a good time to put moose in your hair?

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    Moose over time will give build-up to hair and make it feel greasy, buy a cleansing shampoo (Paul Mitchell possibbly) and use it once and a while. Only apply moose when hair is wet, not damp or dry, it leaves hair stiff and crunchy. That way when you apply it when it's wet, you CAN blow dry it and style it the way you want, leaving it soft.

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    Haha, I was first wondering what hair moose (like the animal was) but I quickly got it.

    I usually use mousse when my hair is still wet. Towel dry your hair and then use the mousse on the roots if you want volume or if you are preserving curls, scrunch it through your hair. Yes you can blow dry your hair after you put the mousse in. I find it makes my hair less frizzy.

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    well, you should put moose on when your hair is dry so itll hold and not slip out from the water on your hair... or you can put it on when your hair is damp so you can style your hair. just dont put it on when your hair is wet :)

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    Mouse is usually applied after towel drying and then styling as you please.

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