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How could I get my mother help if she is going crazy?

By crazy i'm not saying like we were just fighting. She started making crazy accusastions that like my friend who's living with me who's only 17 is supposedly with my father. My friends mother told my mother this because she wanted her to come home and thought it would get her home. My mother now believes and started yelling last night about how my father hasn't had sex with her since she was living here which I did not want to hear. She has no proof at all!! Because it's not true. She told my father that she was going to put him in jail and won't tell him or anyone else why. She kept telling my dad and myself to touch her so she could put us in jail. She locked all the doors in the house earlier today but missed her window so we used a ladder to get in. Earlier today my mother met with her mother and I believe they made something up to get him put in jail. My friends mother doesn't like my father because shes jealous that she's closer with him than her. She won't stop yelling!!!!

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  • moblet
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    1 decade ago
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    I don't know, but I'd start by asking at a doctor's surgery or looking in the phone book for family counselling services. Be prepared to get referred on to different services until you find what you need.

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