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My bestfriend's parents?

My bestfriend and I can never get together because her parents are really controlling. My friend is smart and athletic, but her parents find ways to ground her. I know she enjoys my company because 1. I hear her parents over the phone saying 'No you can't do anything' and they make up a random excuse 2. I heard her saying "But mom she's my bestfriend" 3. NUMEROUS people have told me that they can never do anything with her either. For instance: We have had plans for New Years since before Thanksgiving and all of a sudden, her parents say "No you can't go; the dog will be barking" [No one would have been home to hear the dog barking btw the dog weighs a pound] Nothing I do or offer seems to be good enough. I love my best friend, and all I want to do is spend some time together. I dont want to confront her parents then theyd hate me, but I guess i just want to be able to spend time with her.

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    my friends parents are like that 2. everytime we make plans she suddenly cant go. i hate it! but what i do is like if we make plans then i offer to pick her up or just have my mom talk 2 her parents so yea

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    find a way 2 spent time together

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    well just talk to her parents and ust let them know how you feel

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