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Fear of children? Causes?

What causes an intense, extremely strong fear of children? Fear isn't even strong enough as a word...more like absolute horror.



I do not have a spouse and I do not have any children. I am terrified to be around them.

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    Fear of children: An abnormal and persistent fear of babies and children. Sufferers experience anxiety even though they realize their fear is groundless. Rearing a child or being around active children can both produce anxiety.

    Fear of children is termed "pedophobia," a word derived from the Greek "pais" (child) and "phobos" (fear).

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    It depends on the kid's individual psychology - some would say "Genetic Psychology", even, but that's a fringe topic, so i'll stick with the basics. There may be instances in your life which can affect you without you realising - you can forget what it was that caused you to have that fear in the first place. Your friend - the little girl - may have developed her fear of people wearing hats from watching a war film, and seeing that everyone who was in uniform was probably wearing a hat, that may have developed into a full-fledged fear of hats. Child psychology is a weird thing, it's almost as if you're dealing with this formless mass, unlike with more advanced specimens who generally fall into a set amount of documented possibilities (with variation, exception, and correlation of course). Kinda like what you get BEFORE reality starts to sink in, and you start trying to understand it.

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    It could be you have a fear that you may not be a good parent to them. Or you like the simple life you have with your spouse, and children may take away the time you have for each other.

    Maybe the children you see alot around you, are not so behaved, and you think that all children are like this.

    Raising children really takes alot of time, effort, patience and love. If you don't want this job, then that is your choice. I think it's better for couples not to have children if they don't want to, then for parents to have them, and neglect the kids, of even hurt them.

    Did you have a bad childhood? This may also cause you to fear the having of your own children.

    I love my kids alot, and I do admit it is a hard job. But personally I would not change the fact that we had children. If you don't want children of your own right now, then that is okay to. Just take care of the children that are around you, like a family members children. Be nice to them, and teach them a few things. Maybe they will grow on you. But you need to consider your spouses decisions too. Does she want kids in the future?

    I think if you talk to her about this, and see a specialist in this field. You will feel better about kids. Because not all kids are scary out there. Mine are pretty good kids to be around. It is the way kids are raised that has an affect on their behaviors. You may even raise yours great, and they will bring you joy.

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    Well, an evil adult has made choices to be that way, nature or nurture, an adult has experience that made him or her be bad, or evil. But a child...the possibility that a child might know as much as you do, or even more, or that a child might possess some kind of power over an established adult, that insinuates a kind of supernatural force that no one has power to defend against, like mind reading in the selfish nature of a child for example. That is why movies like The Omen and The Exorcist or The Village of The Damned as so horrifying. It is not natural for a child to have such cunning or ability. So your fear is an irrational one, like any phobia, and it is based on the possibilities of the supernatural. Kids can be creepy, especially if they glare at you and look as if they "know something".

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    Abuse from other children....? Might be because you are afraid of their size too. Not that they can hurt you but because it makes them different...

  • You could have been taunted and made fun of when you were a kid.

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    It's their stubby little hands.

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    They scream and yell and are little disease vectors?

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