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what is better for holding alot of music an mp 3 player?

or an mp4 player and which ones are better for the price? which ones use an sd memory card?

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    1 decade ago
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    If you want alot it depends on what kind of music you want,

    Normal Music (mp3, aac, etc.)

    Music Video(mp4)

    I personally wouldn't buy one with an sd memory card because you would have to buy it seperatly, but if you have some money, you should get it because you get unlimited space, and you just have to buy another one.

    If you want just normal music, i would buy an mp3 player, you because you dont need anything else, and it would just be a waste. If you wan't one of these, buy an ipod shuffle(if you have few songs), or an ipod nano/mini(if you have alot

    If you want music videos(which is nice) get an mp4. Get an ipod video.

    I have an ipod video, and it is well worth the price. You get either 30 or 60 gigs which can hold up to either 75hrs of video, 7,500 song, and 75,000 photos or 150hrs of video, 15,000 songs, and 150,000 photos. You can also get games, and tv episodes. If you are sporty(like me!) you can buy season passes to games.

    Companys that have good quality mp3s and mp4s are:

    Samsung, Apple, and Hps.

    Never buy mp3 and mp4 players on:

    ebay,, popups(shoot prez. Bush and get a free ipod!)

    or anything that auctions used things


    they rip you off

    For more advice/ help (anybody) with technology(in general or specific things) email me

    Jasmeen Randhawa

    Technology Genius

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  • 1 decade ago

    Zunes can hold a lot. SD cards cant hold squat. Zune is the same price as an Ipod, but has a bigger screen for movies and other cool stuff the Ipod doesn't. FM radio, Zune to Zune Wireless, Etc... If you wanted something to hold a bunch of MP3s, a Zune or Ipod can hold 8,000.

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