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i have a few meteorite questions? it true that there is going to be a meteorite that hit the earth in2033?

2.or is it true one is going to hit in 2110 or 2114?

3.which one is true?

4.meteorites have landed before,why havent those killed us? it true thousand of years later after one of the meteorites we will all be extinct?

6.would we all be safe if we hid in an underground tunnel when the meteorites came?

thanx!im kind of worried!oh wait i know i wont live until2110 or 14!but most likely i will until 2033!yikes

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    1 true, meteorites hit the earth all the time

    2 true, for the same reason

    3 both are true

    4 most are too small to matter, a few are big enough, but the chance of hitting humans is low, some have killed humans though

    5 it is possible, depending on when a big one hits and how big it is

    6 we would be more safe underground from the initial effects, but there are many variables, and logistical issues

  • 1 decade ago

    1 & 2: Highly unlikely. Althought it is inevetable and will happen, statisticly speaking, that could be any time. Now or a thousand years from now.

    3: These things are expressed as probabilitys, no one is saying one WILL hit. Only that one could possibly hit.

    4: It would take a pretty large chunk of rock to wipe out civilization.

    5: If extinction of humanity does occour as a result of impact, it will be immediate. If we survive one year after that, it won't kill us. Period.

    6: We will probably be safe anyway, but yes.. depending on the size and place of impact, a bunker could possibly be useful.

    There are plenty of things that happen every day that can kill you. You're much more likely to be hit by a bus, get in an accident, develop cancer, have a heart attack and all the other things here on Earth that could even concivably be mortal than you are to die from a major celestial impact.

    Why are people all so worried about this all of the sudden? It's no more a threat now than it was yesterday or twenty years ago or a thousand or a million.

  • 1 decade ago

    1. Maybe and maybe not, depends how big the meteorite is going to be.

    2. same as above.

    3. both and either can be true

    4. They haven't killed us because our atmosphere burn them up while they are still coming down. Since when they go down, it gets hotter until it melts the rock in our atmosphere and goes into space as dust particles. Although it did wipe out a lot of life forms once, it did kill the dinosaurs, in theory anyway.

    5. Well depends where it hits. If it hits us and destroys many of our resources, then yeah we are goners. If it blocks the sun, we are also dead. If it kills too many people, e.g. tsunamis, earthquakes, etc, in theory that is what they will trigger. Of course the remaining people will have to cooperate in order to survive and lets hope the meteorite doesn't serve as a catalyst for mutation.

    6. Yes and no depending on the effects afterward. Earthquakes and tsunamis, you just made your grave unless the shelter is waterproof and shockproof. Just stay away from tall buildings and heavy objects. Storms and wierd weather, yeah a shelter with food is good. No need to worry, we will die sooner or later. Death is but the next great journey or our final peace.

  • 1 decade ago

    1. and 2. are false.

    3 is neither.

    4. Lots of small ones have landed, but they were too small to be a danger. The most recent big one was in Siberia in 1908 (see the source), but it was an unpopulated area. It hit with the force of a nuclear bomb.

    5. No, that is not true.

    6. Yes and no. If it is a small one, you are safe, in a tunnel or on the surface. If it is big enough that we can see it coming more than one second in advance, then it is big enough to cause any tunnel you could find to cave in.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1) No

    2) No and no

    3) None

    4) We weren't standing underneath them

    5) Look up extinction.

    6) Depends how deep it is.

    I'd stop worrying if I were you. the Asterioid hit on Thursday will make meteorite hit irrelevent. Happy new year - what's left of it.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1.Not likely.

    2.Again, not likely.

    3.Maybe, none, maybe one or more. All unlikely.

    4.Depends on the size and how it hits- straight on or at an angle, and other things.

    5.Maybe, maybe not. All speculation. No proof either way.

    6.Same answer.

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