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Which area is better, Round Rock or Sugarland?


I need to know where the most power plant engineering and Human Resources jobs are. I also need to know the propensity to extreme weather such as floods and tornadoes (sugarland vs. RR). I am also very fond with nature (hills, valleys mountains, forests ect) I also want home affordability (ie. low property taxes) and low crime. Nightlife...maybe, but family activities are the priority now. I am used to humidity and hot temperatures (I am from Puerto Rico). I want to offer the best to my son when he is old enough to go to school. Thanks for the tips!

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    Jobs: HA! My husband, a native-born U.S. citizen, is fully bilingual (unaccented English and Castilian Spanish), has an MBA from a major university, almost 2 decades of experience in hi-tech and petrochemical industries, and has not been able to get even a call-back in 3 years of applying to jobs all over Texas. He has spent nearly half of our 30 months in TX unemployed, and the rest underemployed in jobs he hates. Good luck, you'll need it.

    Weather: No real difference.

    Terrain: Sugar Land is FLAT. Round Rock is in the Hill Country. Both suffer from urban blight. Right now, Sugar Land is inundated with construction along Hwy 6.

    Weather: both locales famous for triple-digit heat and humidity in the summer. You'll feel right at home in either, but Sugar Land is much closer to the Gulf.

    Home Affordability: Cost? Varies widely. You can get a NICE pre-fab house on a good piece of land for under $100,000 or you can easily pay millions. Taxes? Try another state! Taxes are obscene here.

    Crime: Sugar Land is a Houston suburb. Since the onslaught of what the locals call "Katrina debris," violent crime rates in the Houston area have had the greatest increase in the country (13% increase in 2006--stat just released today). Round Rock is an Austin suburb. Not crime-free, but not making national news for crime rates, either.

    Nightlife: 6th Street in Austin has 'em ALL beat, but is not family-friendly (Austin is a college town). Sugar Land (and Houston in general) is much more family-friendly. Both, though, are within a reasonable driving distance to a Schlitterbahn water park. The original in New Braunfels (closer to Round Rock) has been rated the best water park in the country (and rightfully so) for several years consecutively. Sugar Land is fairly close to the new year-round indoor Schlitterbahn in Galveston. Haven't been there yet, but folks say it's pretty cool.

    Education: it's a crapshoot. I teach in a Texas public school, and, quite frankly, things have no chance of improving until they scrap the TAKS test. The Texas Education Agency website has info for comparing school systems based on numbers, but no way to note the intangibles (crime, drugs, attitudes of students/staff/community) that make all the difference. The school I teach in has a student body with "a bad reputation," but is a much better environment than the "good school" in a neighboring district my son used to attend, but in which my son was bullied so much (without consequences for the offenders) that he couldn't study. Do A LOT of homework here, including frequent visits, and keep your options open (private school, homeschool, etc.)

    All things said, although I didn't live in Texas until I was 40, I wouldn't dream of living anywhere else. GOD BLESS TEXAS!

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    Round Rock... and it's on Interstate 35, not highway 35. A highway and an interstate are two very different things in Texas.

    Sugar Land has all the problems of Houston. Round Rock, even though it is wedged between Austin and Georgetown is a much smaller city. Cost of living may be less in Sugar Land. You can check the cost of home on line. Texas does not have a state income tax, but they do have property taxes on homes. Harris County has the highest property taxes in the state.

    Visit both and then decide.

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    You will have to decide....depends on what you want.

    Sugar Land ranked as the "hottest" place to live within the state of Texas and third in the United States for 2006 according to Money magazine

    Round Rock is home to the Class AAA Pacific Coast League minor league baseball team Round Rock Express, which is owned by (and named for) Nolan Ryan.

    Round Rock calls itself the Sports Capital of Texas

    Round Rock is headquarters to Dell, Inc.

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    You will get more for your money in Round Rock (it is a suburb of Austin - good schools, low crime, and you'll be able to find larger apartments at cheaper prices than in Austin). Downside is that everything is really spread out and you'll have to do a lot of driving to get to places, especially if you are commuting into Austin (commutes can be about an hour to downtown).

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    Round Rock is outside Austin, SugarLand outside Houston.

    If it were me, would choose RoundRock. but i have no idea on your profession which would be better for Jobs.

    Austin is slightly more expensive than Houston is..

    Austin is smaller more homey, more down to earth, less metro, etc..

    Property Taxes are about equal in both areas.. which is to say high, but there is no state income tax so thats a good thing.

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    Round Rock is better i think its on hwy 35.

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