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How can I find and help HIV sufferers in my area?

It sounds like a stupid question, but I want to do something to help. And my town is unfortunate in that it has no sense of community.

My town is too big to be an "everybody knows everybody" place, and too small to have support groups of any kind.

I don't have HIV, but I wanna help people out who do. I was inspired by the "HIV Clock".

Can anyone give any suggestions?


It's unfortunate that I'm not in LA. I'm in Canada..Southern Ontario to be exact :(

(And I will choose a best answer =P)

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    What about the Salvation Army? Maybe they have a location in town.

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    Contact your local government bureau for the AIDS network communities.

    If you were in los angeles, all you could do is call 311 and they will give you a very long list of agencies that help people with HIV to lobbying with HIV education advocates.

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    contact your local hospital. HIV patients are still treated as leapers by some poeple and if you don't have any medical training it is really helpful to just go and visit those people in the hospital that may not get any visitor and are living out there days a lone.

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    Try contacting the Canadian AIDS Society hotline at 1-800-668-2437. This is a national organization in Canada that has over 125 community-based AIDS organizations. They should be able to direct you to the organization closest to your location.

    I commend you for the willingness to share your time to volunteer. It makes a huge difference, especially for those with HIV/AIDS who don't have family or other care-givers to assist them.

    Todd (AIDS - positive since 2004)

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    Go to your local yellow pages look under Hospices, Hospitals, Charitable Organizations, or Volunteer Services and start making phone calls. There are lots of groups who need help and I hope you find the one you're looking for.

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    You should be bale to go to the hospital in your area and they should be able to help you find the proper place to go to help these unfortunate people. You may even try the Red Cross in your area. I hope this helps.

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    Contact your local health department or your local clinic's they can give you the information you need

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    You can't unless they want you to find them. Medical records are sacrosanct

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