Can you men or boys answer this honestly?

You have seen these muslim women wearing their typical head scarfs called hijabs and the borkha (full covered dress). Do you really like this visually? How do you feel about these women in general. Please answer as detailed as possible.

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    1 decade ago
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    Women have the veils because their holy book. I forgot it's name said something about women being Solemn. Muslims took it really seriously and women wear the Veils to hide their beauty.

    im not a boy but i wanted to answer it.

    Source(s): the Kuran. I remember the book. I think theres 2 books or so I heard
  • 1 decade ago

    That is the whole purpose of these things. There is nothing to like. Their hair isn't even supposed to show.

    This is every thing you can do to make a woman unattractive.

    Since wives are chosen for them, it doesn't seem to matter. it also makes us uncomfortable.

    I read a book written 100 years ago , called my secret life. It was about a man who got excited seeing ankles and armpits.

    I am sometimes embarrassed when I see women with low waist pants. It's just something I never saw as a kid and I look without thinking.

    The Muslim women are a real turn off and I never have given one a second look.

    Source(s): USMC
  • 1 decade ago

    Ther is an old joke that the faces are covered for a reason.... But really - I think most men want to look at her face and see all the expressions. We read faces and are used to looking at the entire face.

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