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Anonymous asked in Beauty & StyleFashion & Accessories · 1 decade ago

I'm getting aggravated! My question is slightly lengthy, but if you could help I would appreciate it..........

Okay, I'm about to be in Italy for an entire year but can only take with me what I can fit in my suit case (it is too expensive to have items shipped). I'm trying to get a head start on packing, but I'm getting annoyed. I can't decide what items to take and what items to leave. I need to take articles of clothing that have multiple outfits....not 5 pairs of shoes that only look right with one certain outfit. So, because I don't have a digital camera and it would take way to much space and time to describe to you my wardrobe I am up for random suggestions! My style is very classic and some what vintage....but, I have a lot of looks. The only ones I don't really go for are “preppy” and “sporty”. And I don't like to show a lot of skin either...a little is okay, but not a lot.

I guess I must tell you what I look like if I want any help. I'm tall (5'10“), naturally tan, dark eyes and hair (my hair is to the middle of my back, if that has anything to do with it), and I am slender but still have curves (my dad was 6'5“ and very skinny, my mom was 5'4 and very curvy..I'm somewhere in between).....thanks for your help, I appreciate it!

If you need to know anything else, just ask....I am 18 by the way and while in Italy I'll be doing a lot of volunteer work (at shelters and things like that) and will also be going to a lot of fund raisers with political representatives and people of that nature, so I need things to wear to those also. And, I will of course need outfits for just going out and having fun.


Well, I'm trying to figure out how I can pack the most. My suit case is very large, and connected to it is a toiletries bag. Then, I have my carry on bag which I am going to stuff full, and plus I have my purse.

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    The essentials:

    Jeans. I would suggest one pair that's loose and very casual for when you are doing dirty work or just relaxing, and another nicer, tighter pair for fun times.

    A "little black dress". I'm sure you've heard of the LBD- you can wear for almost any occasion and at almost any event. Get one that is very simple, and you can accessorize according to the situation- some flashy jewelry or colored tights for a club, or a nice scarf or belt for a fancy restaurant.

    Khaki. Either a simple knee-length A-line skirt (or another style that flatters you, but A-line really works for anyone) or light pants in a style that flatters your body, or both if you have room. People in Europe tend to wear jeans less than Americans, though the American stereotype associated with jeans has lessened in recent years. If you want to blend in, khaki is your best bet.

    You favorite clothes. Have a fav t-shirt or dress that you wear often? Pack it! You'll miss it if you don't.

    And it goes without saying that you'll need underwear, pj's, swimwear, etc.

    Other recommendations:

    There are lots of simple, feminine, flattering cotton dresses in stores right now. I don't know if you like dresses or not, but I happen to love packing them- no need to match a top & bottom, just slip on the dress & shoes & go!

    Shoes. Of course you'll need shoes, but what kind? All kinds! You'll likely need some sturdy sandals (think more Birkenstocks than flip-flops) for the spring & summer. And "athletic" shoes with lots of support for days when you'll be sweating on your feet, for both exercising and volunteering. You can't go wrong with a good pair of steady, but flattering, boots. And then either a pretty pair of ballet flats or some sexy high-heels for fun times, or both if you have the room. Don't forget socks!

    Go minimal with makeup. Some light foundation, maybe cover-up, some mascara, blush, and lipgloss or -stick is really all you need. You can buy more when you get there if you want it badly.

    Same for jewelry- but remember, accessories can make or break the outfit! You obviously won't be wearing much jewelry or carrying a fancy-shmancy bag while working, but a nice pair of earrings can take you from blah day to BAM night.

    Things you'll be tempted to skip out on but really will use:

    Hair products. Sure, you'll just have it pulled back in a ponytail for the volunteering work, but straightening/curling your hair can do wonders for your look whether you are just touring a landmark or going clubbing.

    Perfume & deoderant. Trust me on this.

    If they aren't being provided for you... don't forget the laundry detergent, sheets, dishsoap, etc. You can buy it when you get there, but don't forget!

    Phone cards. Even if you have access to e-mail, it's nice to hear you family & friends' voices now & then.

    A change of underwear... or two... in your carry-on bag. All kinds of unexpected things can happen when you travel.

    Source(s): Been to Europe 4 times.
  • 1 decade ago

    Okay, first of all, you sound really pretty,

    I would get some bussiness clothes; black skirt, black pants and two or 3 nice shirts to go with the skirt and pants, you could also get a suit jacket if it is cold and some nice black flats or heels.

    Next you need some clothes for a casual day out or at night, if it is hot I would start with a couple of nice dresses, leggins shorts and singlets, that can all be mixed and matched with the other things. If it is cold I would take a casual pair of jeans some long sleeved tops and jackets and hoodies, I am the same as you, I am not curvy but not super skinny either, I personally believe that you don't have to be super skinny to wear skinny jeans, but mine are black so they are very slimming on a normal sized leg, if you are going out at night when it's cold that's a little tricky, but you can match a dress with a nice cardingan and put leggins or skinny jeans underneath, the other option is to put a plain top underneath the dress, this all may sound a little silly but it looks hot, try it, also take some nice thongs or sandels if it's hot or some dressy heels or flats to go with everything!

    Here is a cool website to try for your clothes if you need to buy anything!

    Have Fun

    Good Luck

  • 1 decade ago

    Take the basics - a pair of jeans, maybe a skirt, several plain coloured tops, a jacket in a dark colour, a crushproof dress for going out, a pashmina in a plain colour like purple or ultramarine blue that will go with both jeans and the good dress (on a tall girl, a pashmina slung around the shoulders makes anything look wonderful), some accessories (scarves, beads, a fabulous brooch, some great earrings that make your eyes sparkle), a bag in a neutral colour, shoes to go with jeans, shoes to go with good dress - then, guess what! Italy has shops - lots of shops - and is renowned for lovely clothes and shoes. Buy clothes over there! Don't try and take an entire year's wardrobe with you - for sure you will never be able to anticipate every situation. What you take should be able to be combined in several different ways to create a slightly different look each time. When in doubt, have plain basic clothes and great accessories - works EVERY time.

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    The key to remember is that whenever most people travel, they take way more than they need. I have traveled quite a bit and can say that there is always one thing that I didn't need to bring but did anyway. First, only take clothes that you feel truly comfortable in. Don't take anything that you think you might wear, because most of the time you won't. Learn to layer, you can always wear a tank top under a fitted shirt and vest, but a sweater will eat up alot of room in your suitcase.

    If I were packing, here's what I would take: 2 pairs of jeans (straight leg to go with any look), 2 pairs of black pants, 1 pair of khakis. Tank tops (you can wear them to bed or under a button up shirt), a couple t shirts (again can be worn to bed or under a button up shirt), and some fitted button up shirts that go with all of the pants, so it can be worn casual or dressier. One pair of flats that match all the pants, one pair of comfortable yet fantastic heels that work with the pants, and one pair of sandals or sneakers (shoes that look good but you won't mind if they get scruffy). A denim jacket (wear that on the plane so it won't eat up room in your bags). From there, use accessories to really change up your outfits. A pashmina in a fantastic color that works with your other clothes is fantastic. It can be worn as a scarf when it's cold, as a wrap for dressier outfits, as a belt with your jeans, and a warm lap blanket on the plane. Take one handbag, one that you can carry on the plane and will work with the clothes you are taking. A good belt will be indispensable, and will work to finish a nicer look.

    Remember to make your clothes multipurpose--A nice button up shirt can be worn with a tank top, khakis, and sandals for a nice casual outfit, but the same shirt can be paired with blank pants, a great belt, heels, and a pair of earrings for a nice dinner out.

    I highly recommend getting a digital camera. It will be a great way to document your trip, and you won't need to buy film. They are small, inexpensive, and the new picture cards can hold as many as 500 pictures. I never travel without mine.

    Also look into taking a travel wallet. Not the cheapy canvas kind, but a nicer, long wallet that has the room to hold everything that you might need while traveling such a boarding pass, train tickets, travelers checks, etc. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to find all of that stuff in your purse. Many of the ones today also have a pocket for your passport.

    Italy has great shopping and anything you really need you will be able to get there. Have a good trip, Italy is beautiful!

    Source(s): Experienced traveler, I take two international trips a year!
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Carry a lot of skirts/jeans and t-shirts, that way you'll be able to mix and match them so it wont seem to others that you're wearing the same thing over and over again. Plus they'll double as clothes to wear while your volunteering and if you just want to explore Italy! Ohhh and you can take a couple of cute tops that'll go with jeans so you can spice it up when you go out to party.

    And if you dont want to carry a truck load of shoes for each outfit, take a pair of black and a pair of white shoes from each variety. Like sneakers, flip flops, and heels. That way the color and style will match with all your outfits, and you wont be cursing yourself for all the space you wasted on 50 pairs of shoes.

    Hope it helped!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Try to find two going out outfits that will match the one pair of shoes. If you can't find two just take one and buy more when you get there. Italy is renowned for its classical fashion and quality clothing. Just take a couple of comfortable, smart casual outfits to relax in and work in. You don't need to take everything that you need along with you, you can buy clothes and shoes when you get there. Wow, sounds like you will have a very Happy New Year!

  • 5 years ago

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    If you look classy or too dressy at a volunteer place such as a shelter you will want to dress to fit in and not look like the oddball. Perhaps this is the time to dress-down but bring another nice set of clothes for the Political stuff. Remember you can always buy if you are there to "Fit in " with the program..

    Source(s): You can over dress and you can underdress so I would pack something in-between.
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    When it come to volunteer work, you should definitely bring jeans, cuz you can also wear them for fun. maybe like skinny because they usually give you classy looks. classy shirts another definite because you can look professional and also classy for your meetings. if your not sporty then sneakers would be out of the question but i still think you should bring at least one pair because being at shelters i think sneakers are the best shoes. i recommed you to brings things that you can mix and match so you'll have multiple outfits, no dresses...mulitiple different color tops, jeans, classy pants and skirts, flats and heels for your feet...i think you can work with those....also bring accessories like belts and necklaces and etc...they can give you different looks with same outfit.

    hope i helped, have fun!

  • snvffy
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    1 decade ago

    I don't usually dredge thru questions over a couple lines long, so I hope this helps. PS. I just got to Level 6 today !!

    Try the substitution method. Lay out several "primary" complete outfits. Then substitute other matching or contrasting items to take along.

    Secondarily, you could take each piece of clothing and it you can't wear it with 2 or more "looks", don't take it.

    Good Luck

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