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Will God grade on the curve?

I've heard that in Hell everybody will have worms. Mark 9:44

If at all possible I want to avoid that. What I find troubling as well, is the fact that Hell is forever. If God will grade on the curve I think I can make it into Heaven.

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    Listen, the fire and the worms and the torture await you in the eternal pit of despair because God loves you.

    Seriously, what could prove your father's love to you more than his willingness to hear you scream as the flesh is melted from your bones?

    Nothing, that's what!

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    Sorry, straight grading, no curve. Getting into Heaven isn't a matter of relative belief in God.

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    He's a God of mercy but i don't think he will grade on the curve when it's judgement day.

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    ofcourse some people will not stay forever in hell. there is a punishment period. this is how you exactly translate mercy of god for people with big sins. there is no one that belive in god can stay forever in hell. any way it is god decision

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    Jesus said, "be perfect"! That is the standard. Nothing unrighteous can enter the kingdom of heaven. Nothing.

    So you need to be perfect and righteous.


    But that is exactly what God makes you through faith in Jesus Christ. Theologians call it imputed righteousness. The Bible calls it being saved. (Romans 5)

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    You are lost. God can show you the way. Talk to him. Confess your sins. Turn your life to him. Read his word. Follow his path.

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    No! He has unlimited love for you and He will demonstrate that love by burning your flesh forever if you don't believe in Him.

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    Peace Upon You

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    nope no worms for me

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