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i been married for about a yr. and when me and my husband have sex i dont orgasam at all!!! i was wonderingi?

if that is normal or not i realy need help and im shy to go to the doc...


is it me or is it my husband he is my first partner???

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    Yes, this certainly is normal.

    Work on the sex you enjoy, and take it from there.

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    its normal ... relax and put a little more effort into foreplay, VERY GENTLE foreplay ... have him tease your clitoris gently and stopping as you get real excited and then starting again as you drop off the "high" ... this will push you closer to orgasm and when it comes, you will have a lot of them. dont fret if you dont have one, men achieve orgasm more quickly than women do but only have one each cycle and need time to regenerate..women can have multiple orgasms per cycle if the man takes the time to excite her to it. If you are unclear about foreplay, invest in a good sex book.

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