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bigrig asked in Politics & GovernmentMilitary · 1 decade ago

My best friend says that we, the U.S.,help to put Saddam Hussein into power years ago. Is he full of @#*!!%???

He says that the U.S. helps gives these type of countries wealth, power, weapons, & help of any kind, but then when they do something wrong or we don't like, then we go in for the attack! The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA to my knowledge has never helped

the enemy during peace or wartime nor has provoked any kind of

an attack unless we were attacked or provoked to do so but with-

out first a WARNING of what was going to happen if things didn't

simmer down on their part. So who help to put this "SON OF SATAN" into power cause it sure wasn't us!!!!!!

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  • mumtaz
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    1 decade ago
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  • 1 decade ago

    "The U.S. was officially neutral regarding the Iran-Iraq war, and claimed that it armed neither side. Iran depended on U.S.-origin weapons, however, and sought them from Israel, Europe, Asia, and South America. Iraq started the war with a large Soviet-supplied arsenal, but needed additional weaponry as the conflict wore on.

    Initially, Iraq advanced far into Iranian territory, but was driven back within months. By mid-1982, Iraq was on the defensive against Iranian human-wave attacks. The U.S., having decided that an Iranian victory would not serve its interests, began supporting Iraq: measures already underway to upgrade U.S.-Iraq relations were accelerated, high-level officials exchanged visits, and in February 1982 the State Department removed Iraq from its list of states supporting international terrorism"

    There is a picture on this site of Donald Rumsfeld shaking hands with Hussein.

  • 1 decade ago

    Your friend is partially right. We didn't put him in power, but we helped him maintain power. We along with other western powers helped him with weapons and training during the Iran and Iraq war. At the United States Military Academy where we train Army officers at West Point, up until the first gulf war, there were Iraqi exchange students there learning to become Army officers.

  • 1 decade ago

    While it's true that previous US administrations did back Saddam Hussein in the Iran-Iraq war, he has never been one of our favorite dictators, but a relationship was cultivated and utilized to counter the Islamic Terrorist Revolution initiated by the late Ayatollah Khomeini with the hope of restoring some stability to the area. Keep in mind that Iran, since the deposition of the Shah, has openly sponsored Abu Nidal, Hezbollah, Hammas, and the PLO. In retrospect, as in many other similar cases, the US backed one or more of the "wrong horses," and paid for it later. It has long been the desire of the west to resolve the Israeli-Arab problem and encourage regimes in the area that will recognize Israel or at the very least are more tolerant of Israel's existence as a nation. The USA, France, Germany, Russia, and United Kingdom have supplied aircraft, arms, tanks, SAMs, and even WMD's for over forty years to Iraq, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Turkey, Iran, Syria, Egypt, and Jordan...and many, many others.......

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  • 1 decade ago

    This is true. Saddam came to power in a CIA sponsored coup and was supported by the USA all the time he was attacking Iran and slaughtering his own people during the 1980s.

    The only mistake Saddam made was to invade Kuwait otherwise the USA would still be supporting him to counterbalance the influence of Iran.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    America has had a history of caring about the atrocities of other world leaders if it benefited them to care about it. Saddam Hussein was committing terrible acts against his own people back in the 80's, but the U.S. didn't care about that. Instead they gave him arms and technology to engage Iran in a war. They even supplied him with poison gas and satellite references so that the poison gas would be more deadly.

    Bush didn't step in to stop Hussein from hurting his people. He stepped in because the mood in the U.S. (post 9/11) was primed for war, Hussein was vulnerable and corporate America wanted oil.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No the US did not put him in power. Additionally, he was a friend of the Soviet Union until it collapsed in 1991. Saddam was an enemy of the Mujaheddin fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan during the 1980's. 99.9% of Iraqi tanks, aricraft, artillery, small arms, ammuniton, rockets, and Naval craft were manufactured by the Soviet Union and Red China.

    The Baath party of which Saddam Hussein was a member was formed in Nazi Germany by Iraqi exiles that were anti-British and Anti-French. They supported the German war effort and lead a rebellion against the pro-allied government with the support of Nazi agents.

  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    N O, the USA DID NOT put Saddam Hussein in power, but we did provide arms to his country when they were fighting Iran.

  • ?
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    4 years ago

    (wow...) obviously, in case you may't comprehend that those human beings have a superb function of their own upward thrust to skill & their fates? then how will we commence? each tale is quite diverse, yet there's a instantly ahead thread -- in that you've 3 dictators that historic previous shows killed their own human beings, to get & stay there. They were given there, and then stayed there by might want to and ruthless habit it truly is quite compared to at least something you spot right here, contained in america (so some distance anyhow). Hitler created a 'party' & accepted philosophy over the years inspite of the indisputable fact that disgusting, as did Hussein... and Stalin change into area of a larger move and elbowed his thanks to the suitable. One significant component about Stalin -- he DID help get rid of Hitler. Thank god those 2 evil dictators weren't quick friends & allies in WWII. "really a bs type"? understanding enables you, throughout the board -- to imagine. To imagine seriously. to attain an expertise of the global at great. in case you commence, by blowing-off the challenge contained in the first position -- even as extremely, who can help? (Wiki all 3, and fudge your way.. then -- a lifeless ringer for many of the kiss-united statesthat search for perfect solutions do, throughout those style of questions)

  • 1 decade ago

    Your friend is right!

    If you did some research you would find that we (America) helped put alot of people in power that we ended up fighting at a later date in time.

    This is what is called Goverment and Politics. We support people based on Faith and a good word. However people in life can change and have motives that we do not find about until it is too late.

    Look it up and do some research.

  • 1 decade ago

    We did not help him gain power, but yes we did help him in his war with Iran. Your enemy's enemy is your ally. We did the same thing with Stalin and the Soviets during WWII to fight the Germans. We then aided the Taliban when they were fighting off the Soviets in Afghanistan.

    It isn't a Republican thing, as FDR, and Dem, was the President when we were allied to the Soviets in WWII

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