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What is Micro tear?

What happens? How does is happen (most often)? What are the effects? On a scale of 1-10, ten being permanent, noticeable damage, how will it affect your athletic performance? How can you make sure that it doesn't happen, or avoid it?

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  • ilse72
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    1 decade ago
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    IA micro tear is exactly what it says...a tiny tear or tears in the muscle...often referred to as a Grade 1. At the time of injury, you will feel a sudden sharp pain, your muscle might go into a spasm and there may be swelling and bruising (not always seen in a micro tear).

    The effects are a possible feeling of tightness, motion may not be hampered, very little if any swelling and bending the injury, even against resistance, won't produce much pain.

    If treated properly, there should be no noticeable damage or any affect on athletic perfomance since this is a minor injury. Treatment would include a compression bandage (or heat retainer) until the pain is gone. Also, see a profession in sports injuries for a rehab and strengthening program.

    These injuries occur from overloading the muscle or pushing it too soon too fast. To prevent these injuries have regular deep muscle sports massage and condition and strengthen the muscles. Be sure to work your way up so you don't overload your muscles.

    Source(s): I'm an R.N.
  • 5 years ago

    discomfort is actual not all correct understood. some human beings imagine it exhibits micro tears, others say it really is a buildup of lactic acid, others say that's cellular-aspect spasms and swelling. yet there is not sparkling medical consensus. Muscle advance is likewise not all correct understood. some human beings say that's about microtears and duplication of cells, others say that's about more desirable ability storage interior the muscle, etc. So, you're combining 2 iffy concepts right here and attempting to get a definitive answer. i'm afraid you at the instantaneous are not likely to get the clarity you're hoping for. what's sparkling is that you do not inevitably opt to get sore with the intention to get effects from a exercising consultation. at the same time as there are bodybuilders who swear through having sore each and each and every time, there are different valuable body builders (and powerlifters) who swear through under no circumstances getting sore, claiming it really isn't any benefit. So basically attempt to concentration in the time of your exercising consultation and put in the perfect attempt you may. and don't be disturbed too a lot about wether you eventually end up sore or not.

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