Why do I feel like I should believe in God?

I'm an atheist, but why do I feel like I should believe in God? Is it a psychological aspect, or is there actually a higher power 'tugging on my heart'?

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    He says He has put eternity in your heart. (ever notice how so many cultures have a belief in the afterlife)

    He says He has put the requirements of His law on your heart. (ever notice how you seem to know what is wrong.)

    He says all of creation declares His glory. (have you ever stood on a high mountain, wondering about God)

    He says His Holy Spirit convicts of sin, righteousness, and judgment. (have you ever had the sense of just plain feeling guilty)

    He says He will send His body, the Church, to preach the gospel (something Christians need to do more of)

    Jesus said that when He was lifted up He would draw all men to Himself. You ARE being drawn. Listen closely. If you reject His repeated call, your heart will turn hard. His draw growing ever dimmer. Listen to your heart. He is tugging!

    And always remember, the only way to God is through Jesus Christ. Simple faith in Him, His birth, His life, His death, His resurrection. That He IS God in the flesh. That's the only way to heaven.

    God's grace and peace to you.

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    There is abundant evidence of design in nature, and by extension, of a Designer. Many people believe in God out of blind faith, but I believe based on logic and facts as well. Aside from the scientific evidence of a Creator, consider the fact that the advice from the bible (the newest parts of which are over 2,000 years old) is STILL valid today. Pop psychologists give advice that later is found to be faulty, like "don't hug your children" (Dr. John B. Watson).

    Counsel from the bible is exceptional. Example: Proverbs 13:20, “He that is walking with wise persons will become wise, but he that is having dealings with the stupid ones will fare badly.” Very true! Likely you've heard of the golden rule and agree that when you treat others the way you'd like to be treated it makes you feel good and helps you get along well with others.

    If you even had an inkling that you were in line for a big inheritance, you'd look into the matter, wouldn't you? Jehovah God DOES tug on our hearts because he has blessings in store for those who learn about him, his Son, and obey all his beneficial commands. At least do your homework- an awesome place to start is with such a publication as "Is There a Creator Who Cares About You?". Call Jehovah's Witnesses in your area to request a copy.

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    I am not going to read the other ansers to this one... you will probably get som doozies.... The fact is that all humans have an inborn instictive knowledge of God... very distorted by time and supressed by most... this is why so many "religions"have similer "stories"...It is the same principle that gives the animal kingdome such things as the migration knowledge....

    God, through The Holy Spirit can,and dose work on the Hearts of mankind when He knows they are ready to hear His Word... you can ignore Him if you wish...He will not compel you to come to Him... but by your own words you seem to be hearing Him... if ever so faintly....It took me 53 yrs to stop ignoring and listen.... and then answer..... He will welcome you as well ... if... You come to Him as He prescribes....All who come to

    God in The Way He Prescribes will receive His free gift of Salvation and become of the Body of The Church of which Jesus The Christ is The Head... These are the ones of The True Christian Faith..... if you have any questions concerning the basics of The True Christian Faith you may email me...

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    There was a neurologist that asked that very thing in Neuroscience. It is online along with an article: "Is The Brain Hard wired For God?" I think you will find it intresting. If you don't find it in Yahoo Search, go to Alta Vista.

    Books you may find of interest:

    Hidden Wealth by Ray Comfort.

    The Evidence For the Defense by Josh Mac Dowell

    The Biblical Basis For Modern Science by Morris

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    It's a higher power tugging on your heart. You don't have to believe in God, but God is telling you to believe, or you will regret it. Always say this to yourself:

    I'd rather believe in God and go to Heaven, rather than not believe in Him and find out He does exist.

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    It's definitely a higher power tugging at your heart, and that is the Almighty Creator of all things. He loves you unconditionally whether you believe in Him or not. But you will need to make the right decision and say, "yes, LORD!" You'll be glad you did...

    Peace be unto you,


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    God hardwired it in your soul and heart to know him no matter how much you try not to believe that feeling will still be there and the feeling will get worse it's called a conviction and the only way to get the heaviness off your chest is to accept God and Jesus and happiness follows life struggles don't go away but happiness still will folow and we make our own choices and nobody is perfect so we are not at liberty to judge anyone for anything WISDOM WITH LOVE

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    Probably because on an intellectual level you realize that someone would have had to create this world and make everything work as perfectly as it does. Believing in God would add a sense of purpose and hope in your life. I think everyone has that naturally built in them. I think you may end up doing some research and self discovery and hopefully, realize that there is a God and you are able to get to know Him. I know I could not live without believing in God and looking forward to all he promises. I know some people don't believe in God because they can't comprehend Him creating the earth and can't imagine all His promises coming true. But, I bet if we were like, floating heads in space and someone told us that an earth was going to be created, we would not believe them either...Good Luck!

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    There is so much in todays society which tell us we have to believe in god personally i see this as a brainwashing technique there will probably be answers on here telling you he is calling you etc

    but it could be that your heart wishes you to believe in something and if god is what you choose who am i to say no im wiccan and believe other things

    its upto you to find a belief which fulfills your needs and not just follow dictations from others including me

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    Look in the mirror and thank God that you were born, you are a living miracle, a miracle of birth from a tiny seed, that was planted in your Mothers womb. That's only one of the many reasons you should believe in God!

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