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good learning tool..Scrabble ?

play it using foreign languages .

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    I am a Scrabble fan and have used it to help my students. Even if many people don't know the meanings of the words, they learn a lot more than it seems. Students begin to see the combinations of letters that work in English: -ed, -ing, str, de-, pre-, -er, and so on. They also begin thinking in terms of nouns and verbs ("If it's a past tense verb, I can't add an s; if it's a noun, I usually can.") I allow my students to use the "Scrible" (like "Scrabble Bible", a student's term) pretty much as much as they want, within reason. Kids begin learning so much and love it!

    A math version of scrabble, called "Equate" is out there and is a ball! It's great for anyone from 4th on up!

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    In a sense, yes, and in a sense no.

    Some of the world's top Scrabble players are from Thailand, where it's almost a national craze. Of their best (world-class) players, many can barely speak English - they simply memorized the 150,000+ words and play brilliantly, although they have no idea what 99% of the words actually mean.

    It's a good tool for spelling and math.

    If the student is good at grasping grammar and sentence structure but is poor at vocabulary and spelling, then yes, it can be a great tool for brushing up those weaker areas.

    (I'm a tournament Scrabble player myself, so have had this discussion many times!)

    The National Scrabble Association used to sponsor (or still does?) a school Scrabble program.

    Scrabble exists in other languages, but the tile point values are different, to reflect that letter's frequency in the given language.

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    Scrabble is an excellent learning and teaching tool. Consider computer Scrabble, which has different difficulty levels. Also invest in Scrabble dictionaries and strategy books for students as they progress. Junior Scrabble is available and I have just heard about a new and advanced version of Scrabble with a larger board and more tiles.

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    Oh yes definitely! My vocabulary has increased so much since I started playing Scrabble online at Scrabulous -

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    That's an excellent idea.

    I've a friend that moved to Mexico and her child is learning Spanish. I'll have to tell her about that as a learning tool.

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    my grandfather would play german scrabble with me when i was trying to learn. If i spelled something wrong he would take away points. Drove me crazy, but the competitive person that I am, it helped me learn quicker.

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    Yes, you'll be able to learn many words and how to spell it too. You will be amazed at words you never thought it ever existed.

    Try it and enjoy. It's adding word power to you and if you do it quite often and become familiar with the words, you'll have a lot of words instore in you. Good luck!

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    Hell, play it using English. Tonight I discovered that 'quin' is a scallop and 'fornon' is a pendant. Plus I won.

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    Sounds like a great ideal!

    As a kid we used it to help wirh spelling skills.

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    absolutely, just make sure everyone has a dictionary in that language.

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