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Gobal Roaming Account?

Hi i have 5 desktops and 1 laptop all on a (wireless)router, however i would like be able to access any computer using my user name and password though out the network without using a server. Is this possible ? If so how?


All computers are using Win Xp

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    access? like remote desktop? or just access files? if you want a remote desktop like environment i'd recommend a vnc program, like ultra vnc

    getting simple file sharing access that requires passwords is a pain..

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    U need an 2 hotmail or msn ac-out which is

    When u have that go on window messenger..which is already on your computer....When that complete...log in with one of the msn or hotmail on one computer and the another msn or hotmail on another computer that u want to connect that computer to..First add u to the other computer..then add u to the other computer.............then go to the computer the u want to get it over to the other computer email me back at did not give u all the steps

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