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What is the difference between a College, a University, and an Institute of Technology?

I have narrowed down my selection to these following schools: University at Buffalo, Baruch College, and New York Institude of Technology. All of which offer the same degree, Bachelors in Science, Business. However UB is 11 K a year, whereas NYIT is nearly 30 K. What is the difference between these types of schools. I know NYIT is private, but does that help ME after I graduate? Do companies who recruit graduates prefer private schools who charge a boatload over lesser charging schools? Thanks!

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    The difference between a college and a university is that a college just offers a collection of degrees in one specific area, while a university is a collection of colleges. When you go to a university you are going to be graduating from one of their colleges, such as the business college. As to which is better, it depends on what you want. Single colleges tend to be smaller while universities are bigger, but universities are better known.

    Institutions of Technology generally offer specific science related degrees.

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    I have been through it all, graduating Arizona Western College and Northern Arizona University back in late 70's. Now my son just graduated University of Nevada a few years ago and one is still in college. It is expensive all the way around but worth it.

    A college can be 2 yr or 4 yr. For certain jobs a University looks better on your resume. Private or Public, no difference. The Ivy League and Big Names Universities look good for certain studies like Medicine and Law. They can give you an advantage but it may only be a small advantage as more and more are getting recognized in these fields.

    A technical school is where you study for job placement. They dont require the same studies as Universities with less of an emphasis on reading, english, and philosophy and the like. Techinical schools are best for a specialized major like Auto-mechanics, construction, archatecture, drafting, or any other specialized degrees. You can get a job sometimes right out and they have job placement. Companies looking for that general field search out the technical schools and pick the top students before graduation. Your almost guaranteed a job is you have good grades. Universities and Colleges do not have time to help you get the jobs. You have to persue them yourself.

    If you want the cheapest way to go, attend college first, grduate and move on to a University. Or if you want the satisfaction of being persued for a job go technical. Keep in mind some go first to colleges to get the regular studies out of the way before going on to Universities where classes are huge and you dont get individual attention. You are just a number to the instructor and many classes are taught by assistants and you never see the instructor. Colleges are more personal and some students do better with them. And classes tend to be a bit easier.

    A company wants the best person for the job. They will look at grades first and whether you are well-rounded person (sports, clubs, activities, community service) not the money of the schoold you go to.

    Good Luck

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    A University... offers many areas of Major studies,each different Major Areas of study are usually called... Colleges. A University will have Colleges of: Business, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Music, English, Literature, History... etc... All of these different colleges will allow a student to "major" and get their degree in one of these colleges, and when a student graduates from a University they usually have their first degree... a Bachelors Degree in one of these major colleges but these colleges are all collected together into a universal place of study... a UNIVERSITY. A student will have to take a broad specturm of courses to get a degree from a University. They have to have knowledge in many areas in order to prepare them for success in all aspects of life. That is why most Universities will demand courses in Humanities and Literature to be included in their required courses for a Bachelors Degree.

    A College... usually is a smaller institute of learning, putting their emphesis in one or two major areas of study. Colleges are usually smaller institutions of learning and will attract Professors that have specialized their Ph.D's in one area... College of Nursing, College of Medicine, College of Music, College of History, College of Literature.. etc...Colleges will also have a variety of required courses that will cause the student to have a full rounded basic knowledge in fundamental humanities.

    Institutes of Technology, are usually more focused in the technological courses and subjects of learning... Especially the Electricial, Computer, Building, Designing courses and they usually require more time in the "field" getting on-hand experience in the area of study rather than just in the class room.

    If you are concerned about which school to attend. check the closest library, and ask for the book that will offer information as to the "Accrediation of Schools." Each University, College and Institute of Technology of any reputation, will try to have high ratings of "Accrediation." Each school will be classified by the different business as to which school they prefer. Hope this helps and GOOD LUCK in your future. :)

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    Community colleges are only for two years and are cheaper than universities where you go alot further... Tech schools should be cheaper too...

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