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spoiled brat? yes or no?

Ok my parents have a lot of money and i have a lot of stuff but i earn all my stuff i just dont whine for things yet ppl stil call me a spoiled brat! Even my friends call me that but then they say im spoiled but i share with them but i know they dont want to be mean but it still hurts my fdealings since they say it alot and i keep o telling them to STOP but they wont listen to so what should i do? stop buying things? PLEASE HELP! PS i earn things because when i get awards and stuff for m y studying i get money and i save my birthday money 2!

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  • Minmi
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago
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    Try accumulating less possessions in future.

    Do you really need the stuff you have now?

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  • 1 decade ago

    Buying things is showy, and they call you spoiled because they are jealous. Perhaps you should start socking your money away for a car or some other substantial expense for your future. You know the truth of your situation and you know that their parents don't reward them the same way yours reward you. You should not feel guilty about your accomplishments or the rewards you enjoy because of them. By the same token, it is insensitive of you to flaunt these rewards in the face of your friends. Maybe a more humble approach around your friends would ease the tension you are dealing with.

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