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Do identical twins have the same fingerprints?

I know they have the same DNA, but does that mean their fingerprints are the same too?

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    Fingerprints are in fact unique to the individual. So yes they have different prints. You are correct in that they have the same DNA. Only identical twins have the same DNA. Fraternal twins do not.

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    No they are not absolutely identical. Although fingerprints have a genetic basis they also form as part of the development process. So differences can occur as the identical twins develop in the womb. However, they are very very similar and it depends on how many points of comparison you want to make. Identical twins start off at fertilisation as having identical DNA. However, in the early stages of development small changes in their DNA can occur. This means that if you were to sequence the whole genome of identical twins then you would find small differences in their DNA. However, DNA comparisons are made by looking at specific parts of each person's DNA. These parts are called loci. DNA analysis for forensic purposes looks at ~ 12 -15 different loci. Here the DNA of identical twins would show no differences and therefore would be regarded as 'the same.'

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    Fingerprints are unique to the individual, and not determined entirely by genetics but also by factors in fetal development. As a result, even identical twins do not share the same prints.

    Neither would cloned humans.

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    No, interestingly enough, although identical twins have the exact same DNA, their fingerprints are not the same.

    The reason:

    "The general shape or overall pattern of finger and palm prints can be inherited. The tiny details in the fingerprint ridges, however, are not inherited and are different between all friction skin areas of all persons... even between twins."

    Source(s): and.. I'm a twin!
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    No, their fingerprints are not the same. That is one of the few things that distinguishes every human from others. Twins will share the same physical characteristics at a young age, but will begin to look different as they get older. And they do not have the same DNA either. Both of those are distinct to every individual. Parts of their DNA will be the same, since they came from the same parents, but DNA is different in every person.

  • 1 decade ago why the hell would you think such a thing? okay ya ya they are twins and all so they look alike. but NO ONE IN THE WHOLE WORLD HAS THE SAME FINGERPRINTS!! So they may look the same on the outside but you know every twin has like a distinct featura about them that sets them apart form their sibling. if you asked a twin this question im sure they would be insulted! ♥

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    No, no one in the world has the same fingerprints.

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    Yes some do! Fingerprint patterns are determined by your DNA, however it is not the only factor!

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    no they cant it is impossible for two people to have the same fingerprints in d world.happy new year!

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    No two people can have the same finger print, thumb print, tongue print, foot print in the world. Everyone has a unique thumb, foot, finger and thumb print in the entire world and it also applies to twins.

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