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Anonymous asked in HealthWomen's Health · 1 decade ago

girls help! and opinion?

Okay well my bf and me love eachother very much. but theirs 1 thing that is on his mind and he wont drop it. he has a 4 inch penis and i have had a few guys n my past with larger and i got great pleasure out of that and hes afraid he cant please me. in a way im afraid he wont be able to either. please help us. i love him very much and if he were at least 5 inches he said he will be fine and i belive so too. (we havent had sex yet...and i will be his first) is their anything we can do to increase his size, or width, or both. and what size penis do you most prefer? and does size really matter. i just need to know. because if it does i dont want to disappoint him b4 anything. i know i sound like a ***** but i want his first time with me to be perfect for both of us. his love is what i care about most but great sex on the side would make it better. And hes a lil over 4inch erect like 4 1/4inch. please your help means alot

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The first thing you're doing wrong is worrying he won't be able to please you. You need to relax and hope for the best or else he WON'T be able to please you because he can read it in your body when he's making love to you that he's not doing it right. On top of being unable to fulfil you he won't be able to have an orgasm himself either.

    Men aren't dopes, they can read our bodies even if we lie to them especially when we love them.

    As long as he's doing it right then he can please you. There is a spot in our vaginas where no matter how big the object thats touching it we can reach orgasm if the man knows how to work it. Is he a virgin? its going to take practice with him but if you have patience he will learn and he will be able to please you. Time and patience will tell. If you are t ense or stressed and worried you won't be able to get in the mood.

    Start off with a little foreplay and oral and work on the next steps. Soon his size will not matter to you when he's in because as long as he's doing what he's supposed to be doing down there you will feel good.

    Don't make fun of his size to yourself, to your friends, or to his face. That will constantly remind you and him that you are sexually unsatisfied. If you want to be sexually satisfied with his penis and him you have to remember this "Size doesn't matter" and that is a truth in itself. My man isn't "well endowed" but I would never say he is small. I know he's just right no matter how he tries to change it or what he wants to do with it.

    When he's in me and we are bonding I feel more than just his penis. I feel his love and see his passion in his eyes and that is how I am pleased and brought to orgasm.

    If you love him you will feel his body in more than just his penis. You will see the fiery passion in his eyes when he's making love to you. You will feel his rythym and work with it. You will feel his love.

    If what I say doesn't work and the mood music and foreplay fail to work even if you are relaxed and comfortable with his size go to a local adult novelty store and pick up a penis enhancer. They cost anywhere from 10-30 bucks and can cost even more if you're looking for a very high quality one.

    If you are only hoping for an extra inch or two to be added you can pay as little as 13 bucks and get a decent pumper.

    Follow the instructions on there and make it a team effort with your boyfriend. Encourage him to use it every other day as is reccomended on most pumps. If he uses it every day he will probably injure himself and you don't want that.

    You can even help him lube up the pump and pump it yourself (gently now) for him and encourage him

    I've read that if you use this up to a year you will notice as much as a one and a half inch growth. Really if 5 1/2 inches can't satisfy you then you'll have to find a remedy to tighten your hole cause that's about an average sized penis.

    Good luck, take care and enjoy what you do have! :)

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    I think most guys are actually like you, they want a mature girl who can have fun but doesn't need to be intoxicated to do so. Which is why I don't understand why so many girls insist on acting like that. Anyways, it's okay that you don't drink, I'm like that too when I go out. I think people just question it b/c it makes them feel uncomfortable, like "well, how can you have fun if you're not drinking?" b/c they cant. But that is their problem. So just be you and you will find the kind of girl you deserve. And pay no attention to those nasty drunk girls, they don't need anymore reinforcement. p.s. if you keep meeting those drunk girls everywhere, maybe you should change your scene. Obviously going to clubs all the time, you are going to run into a certain type of girl. Try something different and meet different types of girls, because we aren't all like that.

  • 1 decade ago

    here try these. if you think you really need it it provides tempary enlargment. but i would experiance the first time with out it you might be suprised to find great pleasures in smaller packages. im not sure why the link didnt turn blue but it should take you to a page with diffrent penis pumps on it they do work if you get a good one me and my hubby tried even tho he is almost a 7 but he want to experiament and see what it would be like with a bigger one

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    look if you love him and he loves you the size of his penis won't matter he will give you pleasure no matter what if you let him sit back and you do the work you both will have the pleasure of doing it just remember SIZE DOESN'T MATTER.

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  • 1 decade ago

    if you love him, you will love it, so don't worry about his size,....i perfer 6 inches but thats me, i never like overly big sized men.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Better strap a 2 x 4 to his butt so he doesn't fall in.

    With 4" he better have a good tongue.

  • 1 decade ago

    You should try it first,it could lead to frustration and trouble later if he cant satisfy you.

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