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Why was he jealous??

If a girl goes up to a guy friend and traces his chest with her fingers and you liked her, would you think it meant she liked him?? Would you still try to ask her out?? How would you feel??

The guy was my ex and the guys who likes me(I didn't know then) got all jealous. WHY??

My ex and I ended on a good note and are still great friends

Why was the guy who likes me jealous??

I wasn't trying to hurt him. It is just how my ex and I are. We still sorta like eachother but it just didn't work out.

My ex told me after that the guy liked me. I flirt with all my guys friends just b/c it drives them crazy!


Why can't guys accept the fact that I am perfectly fine and not looking for someone?? I love shamelessly flirting!!

Update 2:

Why does he get jealous over what my ex and I do??

Update 3:

If the situation was reversed I would just move on, No jealousy

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    Sounds like you play alot of 'games'. At least you'll know when someone is gaming you.

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    The one who answered that it is confusing is right! If you are flirting with someone, then it usually means that you are seriously interested in that person. If you flirt with the guys just because it excites you to make them crazy, then I am afraid that some day you will get really hurt by someone who may not like it. For starters, this would be a good turn-off and a way for guys to start branding you as a real *****.

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    I would think that if I saw it ya, especially if I knew they had a history together. Guys get really jealus of each other when it come to girls they like.

    You rbest bet is to stop flirting with your friends, because eventually you will be seen doing that by someone you like that after seeing this will be crushed and possibly not want to be with you.

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    First of all, you need to grow up alittle before playing these games. Second of all, would you have liked it if the situations were reversed and someone did that to a guy that YOU liked? I highly doubt it.

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    It kinda sounds like you're being a ho. No offense or anything. Just sounds like that. Plus if the situation were reversed, you'd probably consider that sexual assault.

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    He is jealous because he wanted you to be his not your ex's. Sometimes boys just can't exept it if you don't like it.

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    If you didn't know he liked you at the time this happened then whatever but that being said it is disrespectful to keep doing this if you like him.

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    He's jealous because he likes you and it appeared to him that you were flirting with your ex. Duh, what would you expect if you are touching all over the boy's chest!

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    guys get jealous over everything

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    because he doesnt wnt you all over your ex he wants you all over him. he wants you to like him. wouldnt you get jealous???

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