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My brother's dog is doing strange things, and i don't know what to do. Please help!?

Everytime I take Argo outside he licks the ground and eats the grass and mulch. I've been told not to let him eat the grass or mulch but he just doesnt stop. And when I tell him no, he just sits and refuses to walk. He also is acting a little bit to hostile. What can I do?? Please help! He is just a puppy, maybe 11 weeks old.

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    My dog used to do that too. Just buy a simple bottle of bitter flavored detergent from you local pet store and spray it on the dirt/mulch. It will taste really bad and Argo probably will just ignore it next time!

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    They eat grass because their stomach is upset period.

    For those who say to "Punish" the dog for this, they need to have someone punish them when they have an upset stomach or throw up. Learn about your dogs instead of assuming, smacking them on the nose or dragging them away is the answer.

    And for those who are saying smack a dog on the nose, anytime your dog does something it's not supposed to, it's the owners fault, for instance going to the bathroom in the house, the only one that needs to be yelled at for that is the owner, if you are paying attention to the dog you would see them getting ready to go to the bathroom etc. Get off your high horses people.

    Back to your question, if the dog needs to eat grass let him/her eat it. They may or may not throw up. The person who said there is a digestive enzyme in the grass is correct. Some dogs will throw up after eating the grass others won't. If it goes on too long then you should give him pepto, pepsid etc. If that doesn't help then a vet will give you pills to stop the throwing up and tell you to continue w/the pepto. (They will check the dogs temp do a quick exam, feel for obstructions etc).

    Some people food is bad for dogs, chocolate, onions (theres a whole list of foods they shouldn't eat) but those saying never feed dogs human food and only feed them dog food, don't know what they are talking about. Dog food wasn't produced until after WWII. Prior to that dogs only ate human food. Since the production of dog food, the leading cause of dogs death is cancer and it has been linked back to cheap dog food. Take a good look at whats in your dog food. If you wouldn't eat it why would you feed it to your dog. Canines in the wild certainly don't eat dog food. I'm grateful my Vet doesn't take the perks from the dog food companies. If you didn't already know this, Vets get perks, vacations etc from the dog food companies to push their dog food and Vets only have to take a 3 day course on Pet nutrition in Vet School. Check it out if you don't believe me.

    10 Secrets Pet Food Companies Don't Want You To Know About.

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    He just has a stomach ache. Eatting grass helps the stomach so let him eat the grass. But he might throw up later because the grass relieves him. Happy New Year!

  • Your dog is eating grass so he can get whats in his stomach out.Hes trying to puke! There's an enzyme in the grass that will make him puke-up, STOP feeding him people food!!!!!!!!!

    Let him eat the grass and stay outside with for about 5 or 10 minutes and he will puke. It is ok for him to eat some grass, You really need to feed him good dog food, not anything else! Human food is not good for dogs and they should not eat it.

    He is eating the grass because his stomach hurts. It only takes about 5 or 10 minutes for him to Barf

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    you should probably take him to the vet for examination. go to the pet store and buy a bottle of bitter spray that you can use on the grass. whenever he starts nipping at it(maybe because the rain washed it away) you should shriek in a loud voice, distract him with a treat, of spray water at him. if he starts sitting and refuses to walk, drag him inside, and teach him discilpline. turn away from him, looking mad. if he starts whining, keep yourself in the same position. after a couple of seconds, pet him, go back outside, and see if he will ever eat grass again. PRAISE HIM WHEN HE DOESNT EAT GRASS AGAIN!!!!: - ) hope my advice works!

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    Puppies & dogs will eat grass to make themselves throw up. What are you feeding him, he might have an upset stomach. Has he had his shots for worms, and internal parasites? If he doesn't stop, you should get him to the vet.

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    Carry him outside to an area that is solid ground, then carry him back inside when he's ready.

    When you start to discipline him and he gets nasty, a good tap on his nose followed with a strong NO will let the pup know you're the boss and his behavior will not be accepted by you. Everytime he gets nasty, do the same thing, and soon he will learn his behavior is not acceptable.

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    that's normal for dogs to do that the reason why they do that is some thing in there diet hurts there stomachs and when they eat grass it soppose to make them feel better take it from me i had two dogs since they were puppies the vet said this was normal

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    dogs usually eat grass when their stomaches are upset. i'd take him to the vet, he may have worms.

  • well actually grass is good for they're digestion let him eat it as long as its not in excess

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