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Last post.. maybe forever.. do your victory dance in a minute?

I'm posting this and then I'm leaving Y/A for a while. Not because I've been "run off" but because I'm choosing to seperate myself from some of you.

You tell me not to broadcast to everyone that my child has disabilities?

Why would I hide such a wonderful part of me from the world?

You tell me not to get so worked up over something "so little?"

This isn't little to everyone. My daughter's disability causes her to be overly sensitive to touch. She screams when people try to touch her or reach out to hold her. When I explain why, they jerk back like they're afraid of "getting it." It's impossible to place her in day care. At play groups, the other moms keep their kids away from her- like the disability might rub off.. This isn't little to me. I take deep offense to people who find disabilities funny.

You like silly me better? I like silly me better, too. Unfortunately I can't blow this one off.


Also, this has nothing to do with asuwish anymore. It started as a disagreement between she and I, but it escalated due to the sick ***** that decided to take it into personal e-mails with graphic details about what will probably happen to my daughter when she hits the teen years. To them, I say that I won't watch Saddam's hanging, but I'd pay good money to watch yours.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    those people aren't worth getting upset about.

    besides I'm having holes dug in the desert for them as i type.

    hope you'll reconsider

    (and maybe you should disable your ability to receive email for a bit. that does sound disturbing)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I am truly sorry that your child has such a terrible disability. And I'm sorry that you have been upset and insulted by some of the ignorant remarks on this Forum. But this is just a forum, it isn't your life, nor should it be. It's a way for many of us to reach out and touch other people, whether in kindness or in anger. You must not let this color your world to the extent that you leave something you so obviously enjoy. You need this, whether you think you do or not.

    I'm disabled and my grown daughter is my caregiver. She gets no paid vacation, very little time off and not much to do. She isn't a computer person, I am. I spend hours on my computer, she watches TV or talks on the phone. She needs her outlet, just as I need mine, just as you need yours.

    Take some time away, that's good! But remember, there are people here who appreciate you, so don't walk away from it completely. Have a safe and Happy New Year and God Bless the child!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    hey don't let the creeps emailing you about the disgusting things they have to say about your daughter make your day bad. You in your heart know who you are and the struggles you have been through with your daughter. Do not hide about your daughter the thing is some one here,like the trolls will use it to push your buttons and they shouldn't. Ask yourself this,before today have you had bad experiances with the people on this site? Before today did the trolls email you like this? Only you can answer that,only you can let it bother you. It is very wrong for them to say the things they are saying in the emails.If you feel the ned to leave then the best of luck,but just remember "they" are just trying to do what they have done, to have you leave in a huff.Not telling you to blow it off but the more of a deal you make of this the more the trolls will. If you sit back and just ignore their hateful things then you will be much better off.

  • Crissy
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago


    Im so sorry all of this Has Been Happening to you. I did not know anything about it and again i am so sorry!

    Why in the hell do some people feel they have a right to s hit all over somebody else?" YOU DONT PEOPLE! IT MUST BE GREAT TO BE SO G.D. PERFECT"!!!!!!!

    I dont know you and i dont really know of all the things that your going thru but I would NEVER do that to someone!!!

    Any body that does and has is a CHICKEN S HIT TERD!!!!

    I know it may not help any but Try not to let these DUMB

    A SS HO LES get to you. They where not brought up right!!!

    I know you love your child and i know. NO i cant say I KNOW, because im not in your shoes. I can only Imagine what your going thru. and i know your doing the best that you can with every thing thats happening. Please Dont allow The Ignorant to get you upset and keep you from here. Theyve won if you do and dont let them win!

    Try to have a happy new year!

    Your friend from Yahoo.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Don't let extremely rude people get to you like this. Your daughter will need you to be strong and not sensitive to this type of thing. It's probably best that you take a break for your own sake. There's no reason to keep your daughter's disability to yourself, but you can't be shocked that people would be jerks. This is an anonymous forum, whcih can be great, but it can also mean that people would say and do things they would NEVER actually do face to face (like make fun of a child's disabilities). Like I said, don't let them bother you. Feel sad for them - they have their own emotional disabilities CLEARLY if they find your daughter's situation entertaining. It sounds like you're a good mother and you love your daughter very much. There are many types of care and professionals out there - and special schools - that can work with her. Not your every day daycare or school, but other wonderful places. If you want to email me what state you live in I can send you details.

    Source(s): My mother has worked for the state longer than my entire life. She heads the department of early childhood education and she has many resources I could access for you.
  • 1 decade ago

    man look to put it in petunias words Phuck that that is what I started to do because someone said I should not publicize my child's memorial website if it was so special to me and then smart a--ed comments would not be left I have being going through a battle for weeks and will continue to do so. by leaving you just let them win and I will not they defiled my daughters memory I will not leave as that is what they are trying to force me to do ,as you should not everyone on here is not the same I know because I have a good strong support base of friends and they and my family and friends out here are what counts look stay and stand your ground turn the tables on them, only strike back though. I am sure that your daughter being the fighter she is would say mommy don't give up kick their ***. now report this when you see it evil, hater girl stay off my childs web page oh that's right unless you have a password you can't get there anymore thanks to you her page is not free to be viewed by those who have also lost a child or friends or just those with true concern. Ok sorry to vent on your question Hon but as I said don't leave hang in there but if you have to leave come back. Ok hugs to you and your daughter

  • 1 decade ago

    well Jennifer i think you are great you have a wonderful sense of humor and alot of us on here will miss you. I like to tell people about my family as well, and am very proud of them so i understand where you are coming from.

    But i would like to offer just a little observance *i know i know i don't like it either, but its not bad i promise* You mentioned that your daughter is sensitive to the touch, then you mention that other moms keep their kids away from her, like it would rub off. I am just wondering *purely from a moms perspective* Why would you assume they are doing that because of her disability? I am a mother and i have to say i would keep my child away not because of her disability (mine has one as well, and is in fact losing so much weight that is very dangerous, doctors cant figure out why) but because i would be afraid that one of my children might hurt her. I dont think there is any thing worse in this world than when a child gets hurt.

    I hope only the best for your daughter, and God Bless her, she will be in my prayers. And i hope you do return when you feel like coming back because you are a great personality on here, and will be missed

  • sglmom
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    Please don't let others make you feel bad ... I'm a Long-Term Single Parent of TWO children with Disabilities (and one has Asperger's Syndrome -- High Functioning Autism -- and yes, there is a tactile reaction in that child as well), and have experienced for many years (while raising my two to adulthood (and finally ... independent lives) the negativity and prejudice that others have against those with disabilities ...

    So please remember this -- YOU are the only person that can affect your emotional state ... you are doing a difficult and challenging thing -- raising a disabled child (or differently-abled like I am wont to say) ... and that is something to be PROUD of!

    Source(s): What you are talking about are people in the minority -- those that hark back to the days when one was supposed to put any child with a disability into an institution and leave them there and people were not wanting to see anyone 'different'. Nowadays, children with disabilities (and their caring parents) do still have to stand up and ADVOCATE for their children, and yes, I've had to fight to have my own included in things .. but the more that parents of differently abled children can have them participate in everyday activities (and both of my children were in scouts, athletic activities, afterschool events, etc) ... the more that folks (who have these prejudices) can learn there is nothing that they need to be afraid of. Take Care. Personal Experience of a Long Term Single Parent who is finally an Empty-Nesting Single Retiree. (PS -- go to your screen name and hit "Edit my Profile" then make sure to uncheck the "Allow E-Mail Messages" so that you can enjoy the time on this forum without having to have rude e-mails sent to you!)
  • 1 decade ago

    You will be missed greatly, and even though I did not say anything out of line nor would I and my son can play with your daughter any day you want, I am sorry they upset you so. You take care you are a great and funny person and from what I hear you talk a great and wonderful MOM and Wife tell your family to kiss and hug you hard Never mind I am sure you do not need to tell them.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Dude. Good luck. It doesn't seem like we can convince you to stay, but all i got to say is let it be. You shouldn't let people put you down that hard. Let it be. Yea they are poking at your kids disability but you should be able to brush that off as well. Be strong and be the better person. See you around. If you decide to come back

  • ?
    Lv 4
    5 years ago

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