Can you play and complete a season with a created team on Madden 06?

I've been told to use the load team option, but I can't find it. Maybe that's the case for another system, but I'm using a computer. Can you still use your created team in a season on the computer and if so, how? (Please by as precise as you can, thanks.)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    yes u can create ur team

    save the team

    go to franchise

    press x if ur using gamecube to load the team out of the memory

    start the franchise

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    there should be a load team option. Also, the team has to fit under the cap (all madden generated teams will I think --but you have to check for "fantasy" teams ---it's easy to do though and still have high OVRs) you replace a team in the game with your own team. Unless you have one you really want to replace, I suggest either replacing a really weak team to make the whole league tougher (ie: texans, raiders, lions) or replace the weakest team in a tough division to make your own schedule tougher (AFC west, NFC south, NFC east) -----for the later, go with the OVR on the game, not how the teams are doing now (IE: saints are doing great now, but I'd assume they're not the highest OVR in the NFC S. on the game)

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