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Where is the "most effective" place, to go on a First Date?

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    Ice skating is always fun this time of year or you could go bowling, mini golfing, go-carts, then go out for a nice inexpensive dinner somewhere.

    I would stay away from movies on a first date.

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    What does "most effective" mean? If you want to get to know the other person, which is what a first date should be, then I would suggest going out for a meal or something fun like bowling. Any place that encourages conversation without loud annoying music or loads of people around.

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    I would suggest anywhere where you can go comfortably with another couple. Bowling, mini-golf, out to dinner, a pizza joint with arcade games, so that if you're stuck for conversation, you don't only have to rely on the other person. Also, if there's no chemistry, you're still doing something entertaining. Movies are bad because you can't talk.

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    Sports bar to eat maybe get a little tipsy than the movie.

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    i would go to the movies and get a ice cream

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    The park is always good.

  • get a motel room and buy a bottle of whiskey.

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