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can i get working papers at age 14 in NY?

If yes, what jobs could i get with them

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    My sister in law lives up there, she said she had to be 16 not sure if it changed by now, cause she is 19, but last I checked it was 16....Never mind I was below

    I just lokked it up visit this site, it gives you all the information you need

    Heres something off the site, but I encouage you to visit it for more info

    "If You Are 14 or 15

    When your attendance at school is not required, you may work in stores,

    offices, and other places, except in a factory workroom. You may do

    delivery or clerical work in an enclosed office of a factory, and in dry

    cleaning stores, shoe repair shops, and similar service stores.

    Work Between: When:

    7 AM and 7 PM Day after Labor Day to June 20

    7 AM and 9 PM June 21 to Labor Day

    When school is in session you may work a of Maximum 18 hrs/wk:

    Monday-Friday 3 hrs/day

    Saturday, Sunday, 8 hrs/day


    If you are enrolled in an approved work study program, you may work

    up to 23 hours in any given week.

    When school is not in session, you may work six days a week, up to eight

    hours in any one day and up to 40 hours in any one week. (School is not

    in session if the school is closed for the entire week.)

    If you work at a street trade, you may work between 6 AM and 7 PM four

    hours a day on any day school is in session and five hours a day on any

    day school is not in session.

    Hours regulations do not apply to farm work. You need working papers

    for any job except the following: work on the home farm, caddying,

    baby-sitting, casual employment consisting of household chores and yard

    work in and about a residence or the premises or a non-profit organization

    that does not involve the use of power-driven machinery."

    Good luck and HAPPY NEW YEARS!! 2007

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    Yes, you can!

    1)Go to your school for work papers.

    Or ...

    2) Your local Department Of Labor.

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    You can, I did at 14. You get them from your local high school, but your hours and where you can work are restricted.

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    I don't believe that you can. You're too young. Check with your school guidance counselor.

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