where's the best place to live in florida?

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    St Pete voted best in Florida for younger crowd. Within 30 minute drive tons of fun things to do. Lots of parks and still affordable prices compared to other areas. Better schools but you must watch district lines.

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    It really depends what your interests are!

    If you're up for fun theme parks 24/7 and parties, go for Orlando.

    If you're more of a relaxed, beachy person, live somewhere on the coast. There's the gulf coast and the Atlantic Ocean coast, so your options are endless. If cost is an issue, you could get a beach condo, or go a little bit inland. Actual beach houses usually cost close to millions.

    I'd say there's many great places to live in FL, but it really depends what you're looking for in a town. There's many large cities (Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, Miami, Tallahassee, etc.) and then there's some small towns that no one has ever heard of. Just do some research, find the best school districts and whatever suits your interests. good luck! :)

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    central florida is nice. stay out of orlando. too busy and crazy. try any town outside the orlando area. central florida is nice. you can get to a beach or any attraction in a reasonable amount of time. brevard county is very nice.

  • Coral springs Boca Roton

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  • 1 decade ago

    If you like party south florida but I live in the ST. pete and Tampa area and I love it. We have Gasperilla and Ybor!

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    I would say West Palm Beach. You are close to Miami and Ft Launderdale, the cost isnt much, and the peoplel are real cool (both elders and youngsters)

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    Eggland - its near an Airforce base and really clean. If you like to party, then Fort Lauderdale or Orlando - but both kinda ghetto.

    Source(s): my source - I'm a floridian
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    Key West!!!

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    over by Disney World!

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