the bible?

why do people put so much faith into a book that has been re-written and translated so many times how do you know its real? I used to be really religious always in church all of my family and most of my friends have passed away. I just don't see it anymore jesus the bible it all seems like BS no matter how many times I read the bible again it just seems like a story to me now fiction. Can anyone help me find god again?

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    I know how you feel, maybe try reading the book "The Signature of God" by Grant Jeffrey. It contains incredible scientific information and mathemacial codes in the bible. Sincerely hope it helps you. Peace :-)

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    The idea that the Bible is the sole guide to faith and doctrine is relatively new. Historically, Christians regarded the Bible as a resource; it was a record of God's intervention in the world of humanity. Christian doctrine is based on a common religious experience that provides a theological context. The Bible is the Bible because it agrees with that context - not because it provides that context. Following the Protestant Reformation, Protestant denominations removed the role of the Church and replaced it with the Bible, gradually developing the idea that the Bible is the source of Christianity. Nothing could be farther from the truth. It doesn't matter if the Bible contains contradictions, or if it has been altered - Christianity exists independent from the Bible.

    Now, don't get me wrong - all Scripture is inspired and useful, and the Bible is an important record of doctrine - but it must remain in its proper perspective. Having trouble with Christianity because you doubt the Bible is like refusing to drive your car because the manual might be wrong.

    If you take this approach, then you won't feel so desparate to support something that you don't know to be true. Over time, you will probably gain greater and greater confidence in the Bible, but this will only happen as you learn more about the Christian faith, and there will always be things in Scripture that you will give you trouble.

    It does not make any sense to worship a book. The Bible was never regarded as God's Revelation to Man - it was a record of God's Revelation to Man. There is a big difference. The Bible was written by human beings, not by God. It is limitted by the knowledge of its authors. The Bible describes the earth as the center of the Solar System because that is what the authors understood to be true.

    Once you put the Bible into its proper historical context, it starts to make a lot more sense.

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    I think u've been disgusted with the hypocrisy of those who claim they know the bible. However, that doesn't make the book itself wrong. No other book in the world has had so many enemies against it( consider all the times in history where people burned it) and yet it is the most widely printed book by far.

    Interpretations and opinions are as varied as snowflakes and yet it even prophesied about this at Hebrews 4; 12 where it exposes the heart condition of the reader.

    the answerer named Utuk is misleading when he claims that church tradition is more important than scripture. If that is true, then why are there so many teachings , commands, and instructions in the bible for our benefit. Nowhere in it, does it say the earth is the center of the universe, and he doesn't give a scripture to back up his point.

    If the bible is hard to understand , and u want a logical and step by step way to study and learn about each topic such as who is God, why did Jesus have to die, why are we sinful, and is there a devil? then this website will help u and free bible studies are available.

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    It is a common misconception that because there many translations of the Bible, that that makes it less and less accurate. The truth is that every major translation of Bible goes back and translated directly from the same early Hebrew and Greek manuscripts. They are NOT retranslated from early translations. Living in the 21st century we have advanced of being the first generation to have so many translations of the early manuscripts available from so many translators that anyone can compare them and see that they are accurate and reliable.

    If you have Catholics, Protestants, Baptist, Charismatics, liberals, "fundies", etc. all translating the text the same, then it has to be an accurate translation. Would never get them all to agree to lie, mistranslate or modify it the same way.

    So how accurate is the text they are translating? It was put into the form we translate from today around 325AD (around 200-250 years after the NT books were written). Since that time NO changes have been made to the "standard text". But what about the time before that?

    Unfortunately due to the perishable nature of writing material before the create of vellum around 250 AD, none of the original manuscripts survive. So we have to relate on copies made of those manuscripts. There still exist today over 2,300 copies of NT manuscripts that predate the 325 AD text, some by as much as 200 years. (We have fragments of the gospel of John that appear to date with 15 years of the original.) These manuscripts have been found all across the Roman Empire, many in the last 100-150 years. All are word for word identical to the text used for translating the NT today.

    If every copy of NT manuscripts were to disappear, all by 11 verses of the NT can be recreated from quotes in other books, documents, commentaries, inscriptions, prayer books and liturgies, all that date from the first 150 years of Christian history.

    When the historical and scientific evidence for the reliably of the New Testament is examined, it is apparent that the NT is the most accurate preserved and translated ancient manuscript in existence. There is no grounds for arguing that the current translation of the Bible are not accurate and reliable translations of the original documents.

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    If you are truly seeking Him, you can and will find Him. Let me ask you a question, have you ever held out your hand to someone (parent, relative, friend, lover etc) when it wasn't taken?

    Would G-d do less? Realize this fact, based on a quote of mine own construction. Your value, in G-d's eyes is represented by the Cross, where He gave that which was most precious to Him for YOUR life. Do an exercise: if you know spiritual songs and hymns go to a place of solitude and spend time singing, praising and praying. the Scriptures teach that He will inhabit your praises. Spend time also in His word, especially the psalms. A good daily exercise, is to read a 5 portions of the Psalms a day for example tomorrow read the first chapter, the 31st chapter, the 61st, 91st and 121st; each day read the psalm first corresponding to the date and add 30. Read the Proverbs also for the corresponding date. It wouldn't hurt to read the Proverbs chapter 3 times during the course of the day. Read Morning, Noon and Night. Remember the more time you spend with Him the more you will get to know Him.

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    If you are not open to the leading of The Holy Spirit the Bible of The True Christian Faith will contain nothing for you. The Bible is not intended for those not of The Church...

    All who come to God in The Way He prescribes will receive His free gift of Salvation. These become of The body of The Church of which Jesus The Christ is The Head. Those are the ones of The True Christian Faith. Only those of The Church will enter Heaven....

    I am sorry but there is no one who can "help you find God". That is between God and you.... I can offer to help you with some of the basics concerning The True Christian Faith. You man email me if you have a question. One honest question receives one Honest Answer to the best of my ability...

    As you do not allow YA email I would need a valid email address to respond to.

  • Try these books:

    The Case For a Creator, The Case for Christ, and The Case for Faith, all by Lee Strobel.

    Evidence That Demands a Verdict by Josh McDowell

    Many Infallible Proofs by Henry M Morris

    Just about any book by Ralph O Muncaster (I've read quite a few, and enjoyed all of them very much)

    And if none of this works, which it might not, do a keyword search of "E-Sword", and download it. It's a full version of the Bible, with the original Greek and Hebrew it was translated from.

    I KNOW the Bible is true, because of all of this, plus all the archaeological evidence that supports the Bible. For example:

    The story of Jericho, recounted in Joshua 6:

    Also, try these sites, which deal with many different subjects:

    All of this should give you a clear picture. Don't give up searching, I've been where you are!

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    The different translations were translated from the original scrolls.

    The OT in Hebrew, the NT in Greek.

    Almost all translations were interpreted from the original scrolls, not from some other translation.

    I have many different translations and I find no significant difference except for the language.

    The KJV, NKJV, NASB, NIV, LIVING, NLT are all carefully translated versions that are either word for word correct, or thought for thought correct. Neither gives me a problem.

    I am not sure that your concern is translation.

    I think your problem is this:

    When you were young, you read the Bible and believed.

    Now that you are older, you read the Bible and disbelieve.

    I think something has happened in you.

    You now find foolish what you once supported.


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    Yes the Bible has been rewritten many times, and because of that many of the true meanings have been lost. But God does not change. The scriptures that say God's son took upon him the sins of the world, and died so we may have Eternal Life. This has never changed. I say that you take the good things from the Bible. Kneel and pray always that God may open your eyes to the truth, and enlighten the ears of your understanding. He will never lead you astray. Keep your heart open to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. He will lead you back to God. No Preacher, or man can do that.

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    Where do you get the idea that the Bible has been rewritten? Translations come from the most originals and Bibles are never rewritten. The most they do is update language meanings because words 400 years ago do not always have the same practical meaning that they have today. You are very misinformed.

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