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confused...not upset, just confused about questions and how to write them?

when i try 2 ask a question about this…

is there a girl who likes 2 kick shins,get her shins kicked etc ..for the love of bruises & that "thud" sound when a hard shoe hits a shin...there ARE girls who play soccer & like it..i just get confused because shin kicking is harmless in the scheme of things ok? don't get political, I am just being silly about the old days, but others here get 2 ask questions about killing people,sex with minors,really rude & crass things, & then I GET BANNED for asking about a shin kick....just dont get it...i might seem weird, but i dont hate & criticize others,but they still get their questions posted.i am confused.Some guys ask the question:wanna see me beat off? see my video...i like killing animals do u?...i guess I just don’t explain myself correctly, but I still feel I am harmless. I am NOT mad or upset, just confused. something that is so boy and gurl stuff, has been turned into something controversial & made heavy duty. it saddens me

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    Don't worry so much about it. The Yahoo Answers team is nuts half the time.

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    You may not intend to but the questions you ask come across as being extremely violent.Talk to someone about your confusion

    and also you do have a communication problem.Go to your local library and see what you can borrow on English.Go and read up on it yourself it will help.There are a lot worse people than you in this world.TAKE A LOOK AT HOW I WOULD HAVE PUT THE SAME QUESTION YOU ASKED.

    Can someone please tell me how to write a question?I am a bit

    confused and need some help.

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    I hope you keep trying. Bang your head until you get in and even if you are controversial use the language that can communicate the confusion you are feeling. The questions and answers mean something so keep trying. It could be a mistake too like I pressed the wrong button by mistake. Keep the questions coming.

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    It depends if someone gets offended. Someone must of not liked your question and reported you. When you get reported you get deleted. Some questions about sex and killing also get deleted. So dont feel left out

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