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Anonymous asked in Society & CultureMythology & Folklore · 1 decade ago

what are 3 bee lore myths?

its something we had to do in english; myths about why people used bees and honey in a symbolic way

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    Check this out for some info...

    BTW, just google "bee lore".

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    1 decade ago

    King Solomen, was blessed by GOD to be the wisest man of his time and could even understand animals. One day,a bee was buzzing around Solomen and he reached out and caught it between his fingers. The bee spoke and said"Please King Solomen let me go. Solomen replied why should I? I could squeeze you and be done with you annoying me. But please ,said the bee ,someday I could help you. "Help me,a king and the wisest and richest in the world ,blessed by GOD HIMSELF? Yes sir ,someday I could help you. Solomen laughed and said "OK, I'll let you live". The bee thanked him and flew off. People liked to try to stump the king either with riddles or displays of what is and isn't real and he was always able to solve or pick the right or real thing or object. Well one day ,during a pageant and display of artworks some people fom the east came with a display of flowers that were made of silk and colored beautifully and challenged Solomen to pick the real flowers out of the artificial ones they had made.They were so beautifully made that Solomen couldn't pick out the real flowers from the man made ones. For once he was stumped. Well up flew the bee he let go a few days before and told him to watch where he landed and those would be the real flowers. Now the crowd was starting to rib Solomen about the fact for once he was stumped . "Oh no, I was just admiring the artwork and beauty of the flowers you made before I pointed out the real ones" When the bee landed on the real flowers and crawled down into the plant Solomen walked over and picked up the real flowers and said "here they are" The crowd was amazed. Moral of the story was that no matter how rich powerful and wise you are even the smallest of the small can still be the help you need that you can't do for yourself

    Source(s): A story I heard while travelling from the east to the west and vice versa
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    The Myth of Comatas:!store.primary.secto...

    Aristaeus and the Bees:

    If a bee enters your home, it's a sign that you will soon have a visitor. If you kill the bee, you will have bad luck, or the visitor will be unpleasant.

    A bee landing on someone's hand is believed to foretell money to come, while if the bee settles on someone's head it means that person will rise to greatness.

    Bees were once considered to deliberately sting those who swore in front of them, and also to attack an adulterer or unchaste person.

    It was once held to be a sure sign that a girl was a virgin if she could walk through a swarm of bees without being stung.

    An old country tradition states that bees should not be purchased for money, as bought bees will never prosper.

    Bee-stings were once thought to prevent rheumatism, and in some places a bee-sting was also thought to cure it.

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    1 decade ago

    This may not 'bee' what you are looking for, but...

    In the Bible, Samson was a judge from the tribe of Dan. In a famous story, Samson found a beehive in the skull of a dead lion. Hundreds of years later, the ten northern tribes of Israel (including Dan) were taken captive by the Assyrians and disappeared from the pages of history. The Book of Revelation does not mention the tribe of Dan when it lists the tribes 'sealed' with the Seal of God. Centuries later, the Merovingian Franks claimed to be descended from the tribe of Dan, and took the bee as a royal symbol, in referrence to Samson. The royal robes were adorned with small, gold bees. After the death of Dagobet, the bees were buried, only to be rediscovered in the 18th century. When Napoleon came to power, he had himself coronated in a robe covered with those same gold bees.

    The beehive is also a prominant symbol of a Master Mason in Freemasonry. Officially, the beehive represents industry, diligence, teamwork and fraternity.

    The state flag of Utah contains an image of a beehive representing industry, and was borrowed from the Freemasons.

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    1 decade ago

    I don't know if this counts as myth or lore, but one thing that always bothers me is that people think that being stung by one "killer" (Africanized) bee will kill you. It's not that they're so much more venomous than European honeybees; they're just more aggressive and it's the entire colony of bees attacking that kills people and animals.

    Other things that probably don't much count as myth or lore, but are usually misunderstood, is a) the fact that honeybees won't chase after people and sting them if they're away from their hives collecting nectar or pollen. If a bee's away from its hive it has nothing to defend and won't sting unless squashed or swatted.

    b) Honeybees, unlike wasps, can only sting once. Honeybees also die soon after stinging.

    Source(s): My Dad's a beekeeper!
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