Would the movie Pan's Labyrinth be appropriate for a young teen?

I have been trying to find information about this movie as to how appropriate it would be (as it is unrated), but none of the main sites that would tell how appropriate it is (ex. www.moviemom.com, www.familymediaguide.com) have reviewed it. It looked very interesting and my family was considering going to see it, but we aren't sure about which members of our family should be allowed to go. Can anyone who has seen the movie tell me about how appropriate it might be? As in violence, nudity, cussing, whatever.

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    I checked:





    Found only one review you may wish to read:


    They break the review into sections:





    in order that a you can judge for yourself.

    BTW, I was dissapointed that the movie had not (yet?) been reviewd on Yahoo by "Movie Mom".

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    Pan's Labyrinth is part of the new genre of "adult fantasy." This category also includes movies such as The Fountain. They are not appropriate for young children because they are geared towards a more mature audience while using a fairy tale story.

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    Haha :) he's a very scary movie monster. I felt a lot of tension when he was chasing Ophelia down that corridor! He's definitely one of my favourite movie monsters. My favourite ever is hard to choose, I like a few...but I'll choose Brundlefly, the messed up creation that scientist Jeff Goldblum turns into, in....The Fly! He genuinely scares me and makes me feel quite sick. But having said that, he starts off so sexy and handsome! (pre-teleportation accident) Have a wonderful day too! :)

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    The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) lists it as rated R "for graphic violence and some language."

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    It recieved an R rating for for graphic violence and language. If your need more info go to imdb.com and type in the name of the movie.

    Source(s): Imdb.com
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    it is 15, just read the review on film 2006 with jonathan ross, it sounds fantastic, got 5/5 review and public rating, he said it is the film of the year!!

    just search "film 2006 with jonathan ross" in google for more info

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    err they shud rate it pretty soon. Anyway i live in the UK and the 1 ive seen which is really old is rated like a U which is apporpiate for all ages!!

  • i don't know. just try it.

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