How do I get companies to agree to let me post their advertising banners on my page and get paid for each hit?

How do I get companies to agree to let me post their advertising banners on my page and get paid for each hit? If I can get a lot of traffic to my sites, like my eBay page and/or Myspace page - how can I get companies to let me post their banners and then get paid for each hit/click they receive from my page ? Is this possible. ??

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    Yes, google and yahoo adwords have affiliate programs and they will pay you for clicks. You have to subscribe to their service and agree to their terms. You can then integrate their HTML code in to yours and start getting paid for clicks. Realize you'll drive a lot of your potential customers away with all those annoying ads and you really won't make that much from the clicks.

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    Many affiliate programs have moved away from the pay-per-click (PPC) methodology, and offer better compensation programs for purchases that a consumer makes when they link from your website to theirs.

    Fastclick serves banner ads in a variety of different sizes. You choose the sizes you want and then just paste the code onto your website to begin showing the ads. Fastclick works on a cost per 1000 impressions (CPM) basis. That is, you get paid based on every time the ads are shown 1000 times on your website. You get paid whether or not anybody actually clicks on them! You get 65% of the revenue and Fastclick keeps 35%. The banner ads shown are very appealing with some well known companies that use it to advertise, including MSN, Ask Jeeves, Vonage, and Western Union. Register at

    With Commission Junction, you choose which affiliates’ ads to show on your site and then post their banners. This doesn’t pay based on the number of impressions or the number of clicks, but rather someone would have to click on the banner, be taken to the affiliate website, and then either sign up or buy something from that website before you would be paid a commission. Obviously, the actual number of completed transactions are low but the commission on the completed sales are higher than other advertising methods. Commissions run anywhere from $1 to over $100 per completed sale or sales lead. Various affiliates that you can choose from include Ebay, Yahoo,, and Starbucks. Sign up at

    Google Adsense: This PPC (pay-per-click) advertising is probably the most popular and widely used of all internet advertising web publishers, probably because it is the most nondescript and doesn’t involve any animated banners that draw attention away from your website. You serve the Google text ads on your site and you get paid any time someone clicks on one of the ads. Mainly, you get anywhere between 1 cent and 50 cents per click. This doesn’t sound like much but if you have a website with heavy traffic it could be thousands of dollars a month. Register at

    You can use any one or a combination of all three methods to earn advertising revenue from your website.

    Those aren't the only places to sign up to become an affiliate, here are some others:


    Choice Hotels International

    Casino affiliate programs

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    Affiliate programs can often be found by looking at the bottom of the company's web site. For example, I went to 1-800 pet meds to look for a product, and I saw "affiliates" at the bottom of the page. When I clicked the link it told me what I needed to do to sign up as an affiliate. You can also go to yahoo search and type "affiliate programs". Commission Junction is one of many.

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    I have several advertisers available to help you earn an income but mostly for starting out would recommend google. The links are all at under the sponsors link

    I also have numerous free advertising and promotional resources availble for you there also

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    Try Commission

    What you are describing is called affiliate marketing.

    You can sell advertising space on your site at also.

    Good luck, happy New Year.

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