Our plans just got canceled....?

My bf, his 2 year old daughter and I were going to have dinner w/ friends and their kids tonight. They just called a couple of hours ago and their kids are sick. So, now we will be at home, just the 3 of us. Can you guys give me any quick, last minute good ideas of how we can make dinner special, or something fun we can do w/ the 2 y/o (she goes to bed at 9--we know what to do after that....lol)? Thanks in advance for all your thoughts!!

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    Kids just like to be involved. So if there's anyway the two year old can help, that will be fine! Get the ready-to-bake cookies; bake a cake; lick the bowl! Enjoy your evening.

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    A dinner can be special just because you are all together. Children love to help and be involved so think of something easy (even if it is mac n cheese with broccoli, maybe some getti or something simple like) Then play a family board game, just being together and having fun makes the night special. You got any play-doh? 2 yr olds love that! Color and draw, even working on ABC and 123 can be fun if you make it fun.

    When my son was 2 he loved to help me make dinner and do dishes.

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    The baking idea is very good. You all can bake something to take or send to the kids who are sick.

    Depending on the resilience of the child, tell her you will wake her up so she can see the New Year come in - that can be very dramatic too.

    If you don't already have new year hats - make some, and let her color them. Same thing - make confetti (bigger pieces are easier to clean up)

    That should do it. Have a great time!!

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    By some wine, and have a candle light dinner after the kids go to bed. You could play chess or cards too.

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    Heyy! play board games and other games too! for dinner try maybe pizza or something that they like that you dont ordinarly get. Hope you enjoy your new year and make it a safe one.

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