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Feminism: The evil side ?

In any critical discussion of anything, there is good and bad, then even evil.

Like the angels, good and evil.

We have doctors most who help people, some kill.

We have teachers most who help students some who prey on them.

Priests we have most who will try to save your soul and then there are some who like the homosexual and heterosexual pedofiles prey on your children.

Well let us look at feminism, most who look to do good for society, and women in particular, but who are the evil ones, and what is their background or agenda ?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I think that women's rights have been and are horribly misused. We have been treated as a lesser form of life for thousands of years and it's wrong. Just because we are not as physically strong as men, (however, I've know some women who could easily whoop a man) we are treated as less a person. Feminists had the right idea at the beginning, but as with everything else, the few bad seeds took root and things went bad. We are still considered less than men in alot of work related areas as well as the home life. Men are ridiculed when they want to be stay at home dads, yet it's OK for us to give up our lives to raise the children. No offense to men, but just because we carry them for 9 months, doesn't mean we want to give up who we are when we have them.

    We all need to be on equal ground.............and that means everyone for everything.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well, what about Germaine Greer? She thinks female circumcision is great, and anyone against it is racist. She also thinks it is okay to have sex with underage boys/girls in Asian countries, because their lives would suck even worse without prostitution to support them and their families. Her book "The Beautiful Boy" contained nude and semi-nude eroticised photos of young boys, which she says she greatly enjoyed collecting.

    Of course, I'm not sure she's actually evil - just a complete fruitbat. And I'm not sure she's really a feminist either - just a complete fruitbat. Her agenda is completely baffling, and here is a link to her background:

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  • bejay
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    1 decade ago

    Feminism has served society in general & women in particular, quite well.

    The sorts of 'evil' feminists [perhaps Radical Left Wing] you refer to may be from the 'old guard' who were and remain misandrists [look it up it's eductaional].

    This minority have served their purpose but have failed to adapt to the changes in gender relationships, however minor you may rate them.

    Neo-feminists are better able to, at least take their role beside men, others comfortable in becomming leaders of men.

    Primarily they are able to make their own life choices whether stereotypical roles or not.

    Th irony is that some men today can realistically call themselves as Pro-Feminists.

    I do!

    Source(s): Lived, existed, survived the 60s & 70s now infinitely better educated.
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  • floy
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    There would be helpful and unfavorable effects of something, yet i don't think of there continuously must be "evil". In any team of human beings (alongside with the final inhabitants) there are some evil human beings. I nicely known that, yet i think of of any team of human beings there is in all probability a lot much less evil between feminists (who're purely attempting to paintings for the rights of girls human beings and others) than there is another communities, jointly with company human beings, politicians, people who paintings for government companies, some entertainers, some communities geared in the direction of working with infants, and so on. Being a "feminist" is a having a philosophy and/or working to sell women human beings's hobbies. this is not a profession, jointly with conventional practitioner or instructor, as you have pronounced. Your option to opt to single out feminists and root out some examples of evil (if all people at right here even has any) is an occasion of the form of resentment that feminists have continuously dealt with through fact such somewhat some human beings can't stand the girls human beings who've "the audacity" to choose issues better for his or her own gender. Any medical doctors, instructors, nurses, mothers, waitresses, writers, or all people else who say, "i could opt to accomplish a little paintings on behalf of girls human beings" or "I evaluate myself a feminist" are the "feminists" you're talking approximately - and between them, I unquestionably do not think of there is a superb purchase of evil. Feminists at the instant are not alien monsters who've come down from Mars to take over the international and smash it interior the technique. some human beings don't think in "evil angels" the two. human beings in this website are so oftentimes so afraid of "those terrible feminists" (that's a time era that replaced into form of used greater interior the Nineteen Seventies than it always is at present) they think of up question after question approximately "femininsts". good Lord. isn't it a strange factor that folk who choose not something better than an equivalent place on the table, equivalent rights, equivalent understand, and equivalent cost in this international are so feared by using human beings who can't think of that such objectives would desire to in all probability be ethical and good.

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  • 1 decade ago

    From my experience most people act/move from a emotional base....people who seem to be bad/evil, and do things/works which are designed to hurt others are coming from some painful experience or experiences they have had in life...never healed them or never forgiven those who hurt them, these deeper seated negative emotions can have the effect of subtly organizing their attitude to people/events/situations they encounter in life , often without their conscious thought.....there is much power in forgiveness......

    Source(s): this rant is of course referring to why some people do evil
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  • 1 decade ago

    Evil (with feminism in mind) is when you force me or others to do something because you believe in it.

    You don't stop to think and don't care if I believe in it.

    Like abortion. If your mother wasn't PRO-LIFE, I would not be writing to you now.

    Choices - we must make our own, and we must take responsibility and the consequences of all of our choices..............Letters From Birmingham Prison - written by Dr. Martin Luthur King, Jr. - I read these in college, and then I started to understand.

    Don't ever stop thinking - that's your free will & choice in life!

    GOD bless us one and all, always.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think radical feminism has run it's course, especially the more extreme notions.

    Let's all take a reality check and also lose a little of the political correctness.

    That has also run it's course and borders on the ridiculous and insulting.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Can anyone give an example of an "evil feminist"? I'm curious to hear some names and some of their evil-ness. Please clarify what an evil feminist does.

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  • 1 decade ago

    based on your question. to get laid


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