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In Picasa, is there a way to backup to a cd that is already started so that you don't waste space on them?

Picasa keeps ejecting the cd that i have some backups on, but is only partially full. It seems like I have to wait for enough photos to fill a cd before I can back them up, otherwise I waste all of the extra space on the cd. Any suggestions?


Without using picasa, just through windows, you can always add to the cd as long as the cd isn't closed. You don't need a cd-rw to add to it. But iI guess picasa doesn't support this.

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    Unless you by CD-RWs (rewritable), once you write a CD it is impossible to write again. When you buy CDs, look for a package that says CD-RW instead of CD-R.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Are you using CD-RW? It will allow you add more. If you have CD-R you will have the problem you are having.

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