How has a site like this has become SO popular?Does it display the blatant rising laziness of this pc culture?

If you are on here then you are obviously sitting behind a pc screen and have access to the same VAST amounts of info as the rest of us! Most of the answers I see are STRAIGHT from the internet anyway so , why is it that these serial "askers" don't just research their questions on their own?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I totally agree with you. I don't understand it either why they don't research their own questions. The tattoo section is really bad when it comes to that cause many will ask.."Where can I find a tattoo shop near San Diego, Ca."...etc. By the time their question is posted they could of looked in the yellow pages in the phone book or on the web in about 5 minutes and answer it theirself. I personally never asked a question on here yet, cause I get so much more out of doing my own it helps me to do research better and I have a better understanding at what to type in the search bar.

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