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how can i loose wieght?

i am 4'11

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    You didnt mention your weight. I am assuming that you are a female and have a few extra pounds after the holidays. There are several things that you can do to lose some extra weight, but if you are already thin, I would not recommend getting any thinner.

    The best methods of weight loss involve reducing the amount of food that you eat (stay away from candy and snack foods) and exercising. Some diet drinks actually stimulate your appetite. If you do not exercise now, start slowly and gradually increase your activity. Walking is good low impact exercise and will help with your figure by firming your muscles. When you walk try to contract as many muscles as you can and walk rapidly. When the urge to snack hits you, drink a glass of ice cold water and think of other things besides food. OH and if you have a health problem, be sure to contact your MD before starting an exercise or diet program. By the way, a lot of guys think that petite girls are attractive.

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    Your height has nothing to do with your ability to lose (or gain) weight.

    Change your diet to be healthy. Low fat, low carbs, and high protein is the easiest thing to do and has the most effect for the long term.

    Enter into an exercise and aerobic routine to improve your health level and also burn more calories.

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    eat right

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