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games like resident evil???

i loved RE4, but im not very fond of the silent hill games, i found it a bit boring....are there any other games like resident evil (theme-wise, survival horror)???


..........for ps2...........

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    why dont you try "haunting ground"? it's also created by capcom...

    in haunting ground, you take control of a girl called fiona and she needs to run away and hide from these hideous "monsters" before she freaked out and dies...

    gameplay is quite similar to resident evil... except that in this one, it's scarier... instead of guns and weapons, you can only run, kick or command hewie, your doggie, to attack the monsters...

    and the best part is, the monsters wont die unless you defeat them in a boss battle...

    anything else, like solving puzzles just like in resident evil, using items to your advantage, dodging enemies' attacks, are very similar... just that in haunting ground, you really need to practise a lot of dodging and running... (which is extremely similar like how you outrun monsters in resident evil)

    so... if you're interested, you should get your hands on this game... it's really amazing... trust me... :)

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