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Is it totally rude to be with your friends and your boyfriend calls..?

you either:

A. leave your friends to talk with him. (going to another room)

B. try to talk to them and him.

C. or should you just not answer period? Knowing that you are alread pre-occupied.

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    I have an 18 year old son, his girlfriend calls when he is with us, he leaves the room, he does the same when he out wit friends, unless he has told his girlfriend, "hey I am with friends, I will call you later".

    So my answer is "A", any relationship that is important to you, that you feel may even be "THE ONE" should come first. It is not rude to say " my honey is calling, I have to take this call". It simply comes down to how important is the guy, and why are your friends hassling you about it.

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    I think it is a little rude, unless you know he's going to call and you let them know in advance. When he does call, it would be polite to step out of the room as well.

    I have friends who take calls all the time when we're in the middle of a conversation. It tells the friend that the caller has something more valuable to say than the friend.

    I wish more people were in tune to cell phone etiquette!

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    It would depend on where you were and what you were doing at the time. If you are engaged in a deep conversation with them I think it would be rude to answer the phone and leave them hanging. Call him back in a few minutes and briefly tell him that you are with friends and will call him back as soon as you are done with them.

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    Definitely talk to your boyfriend. You could excuse yourself and go to another room for some privacy if you need to but make it brief. Explain that your friends are there and decide when it would be good for you to call him back.

    NEVER try to talk to both. That is the epitome of rude!!

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    I find it rude when people answer their phones when they are otherwise occupied.

    Frankly, I think there should be an etiquette class for everyone when it come to cell phones.

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    Answer the phone if you're not too busy. Tell him "sorry", but you're busy with friends and ask if it's ok for you to call him back later. Tell him approx when you'll call back. Then give a little "sorry" to your friends for the interruption. Don't forget to call the bf back.

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    I would answer the phone, Hey John, I am with my friends right now, would be OK for me to call you back later?

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    Tell your BF that you have friends are over, and you will call him back when they leave.

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    answer the phone , but make it brief. you need your space from him when your away, but acknowledging him is o.k. maybe set up a time to speak at both of you guys convenience.

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    I turn off my phone when I am preoccupied with others. If you didn't turn it then answer it quickly tell him your with friends get off of it quickly then turn it off.

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