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Anonymous asked in 教育及參考書高等教育 (大學或以上) · 1 decade ago

PG Cert in Psychology

1) 以教學質素和課程來說﹐請問 HKU 和 CU 哪一間比較好?

2) 我的志願係想再讀psycho 的 master﹐然後再看可否做心理學的研究或是clinical﹐如果這情況﹐哪一間大學比較好?

3) 每年大約會intake幾多人? 多數甚麼月份開始接受報名?

4) 學生平均年齡會幾大? 我以家已經廿九歲﹐會唔會大其他同學好多?

5) 聽說 PG Cert 的競爭很大﹐每年只收很少人。我本科讀數學﹐碩士讀經濟﹐現在於銀行工作了四年﹐覺得自己對心理學很有興趣。我這種履歷﹐有機會考入 PG Cert 嗎?

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    1) As far as I am concerned, HKU is better because of two reasons. Firstly, the department has a longer history. It has developed a very strong psychology research basis. Secondly, the schedule is less tight so that you can assimilate knowledge better. Actually, the workload of studying CU is much heavier than that of studying HKU. You are likely to have a very tough school life if you study CU.

    2) You are eligible for applying master degree in psychology (Clinical, Educational, Industrial and Organization or Research) after you get the postragduate cert/diploma in psychology.

    3) 10 persons per year in 2004 when my friend study the course.

    4) Normally, the mean age of PgCert/PgDip Psychology around is 25-28. So it is unlikely that you will be a lot older than other classmates.

    5) I do not think that your qualification is a problem because it is pretty competitive. However, I would recommend you to think about your motivation. You have to do some research on what you really want to do (e.g. Clinical psychologists? Psychology researchers?)

    Additional point: The course is really an interesting one. However, if you consider it the cornerstone of your future career, you really have to do some career research and think twice before you take the course.

    Source(s): I studied a PgDip in another uni and my friend studied a PgD in CU.
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