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麻煩幫我翻譯成英文 有3句


要文法正確 不用高深單字 謝謝


南縣梅嶺大車禍 高市鼎金國小家長會20死、23輕重傷

梅嶺5年4起大車禍 奪命彎道 最大弧度70度

遊覽翻車/梅嶺山區死亡彎路 翻覆意外頻傳


請勿用線上翻譯機 謝謝

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    這些句子看起來像是用在新聞標題的, 所以用字可以精簡.

    如果是用在句子內, 則括弧內的字就要加上去喔.

    (A) serious car accident (happened) in "Mei-Ling" Tainan County. 20 members from the Parent Association of Kaohsiung City Ting-King Elementary School died and 23 (were) injured in the accident .

    (There are) 4 serious car accidents in Mei-Ling in five years. A killer curve with a maximun curvature of 70 degree.

    A shuttle bus overturned/Mei-Ling Mountain Killer Curve; Car overtuned accidents (have) frequently occured.

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    Great traffic accident of mountain range of south county plum High city pot money primary school parents will 20 die, 23 light and severely injured

    The plum is 4 great traffic accidents of 5 years of mountain range Take the curved way of the life 70 degrees of biggest radians

    Is it overturn to visit / plum mountain range mountain area death detour overturn unexpected to keep pouring in

    Source(s): 學校老師
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