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Strange Mila Kunis quote! Your thoughts?

"I'm Jewish. I don't believe in that Jesus ****."

- Mila Kunis (Jackie- That 70's Show)

Update 2:

I am secure with my own beleifs.

I thought it was an interesting quote.


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    while it is nice that mila is a good jewish girl, she is sadly misinformed. jesus was actually jewish. sadly, as a celebrity, she is trying to shed her character and try to be known for her own opinions and thought. way to go mila kunis. keep those dumb opinions coming and thinking people such as the asker of this question and myself will knock them out of the park like a bonds home run(steroid free of course) happy hannakah jackie!!!

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    Yea... I'm pretty sure I don't care.

    She can do what she wants. You should be secure enough with your own beliefs not to care what she or anyone else thinks as well.

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    haha shes a funny girl

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    Maybe she was being sarcastic????

    I sure hope she was.

    Otherwise, she's an idiot.

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    funny.she must not be a very knowledgeable Jew.

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