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Anonymous asked in Business & FinanceRenting & Real Estate · 1 decade ago

What is the cost of building a single-family 1300-1500sf home in Bozeman, Montana?

3 bedroom, 2bath. 2 car garage. How much are contractor fees? How much is it fair for a contractor to charge? Who are good, respectable, reliable contractors in the Bozeman, Montana area? Answer any questions you may know. Thank you.

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    In Gallatin County you're looking at about $225K. Bozeman is closer to $300K, mainly because your land is going to be about 1/3 of this (or more). Expect $125 a sq/ft to build depending upon design and features. New lots in decent subdivisions are coming on-line in Bozeman at over $100k. There are nearly 1,700 lots in preliminary plat down at City Hall. Once these start to be developed, it's likely we'll see land values taper. Despite the high cost, land and your home have proven to be a great investment in Bozeman. Most homes in Bozeman have appreciated well year to year.

    A fair contractor rate is construction cost plus 10% for them. Contract with the builder to keep costs within a margin before you begin and avoid any changes to the plan unless absolutely necessary. If your just beginning this process, contact the Southwest Montana Building Industry Association (SWMBIA) for more info or to help find a contractor. Interview this person with a keen eye for things that may lead to conflicts later. You'll be making many decisions with this person. Make sure you can get along.

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